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Rams fans discuss: Which TV series of the past do you miss the most?

Former Rams player and actor Fred Dryer just celebrated a birthday

THE ACTOR FRED DRYER, HERO OF ‘RICK HUNTER’ Photo by Eric Robert/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

The person pictured above is Fred Dryer, who happened to celebrate a birthday on Thursday. I say “happened” because I coincidentally wanted to write about former Rams who became actors on TV and in movies and then I saw this tweet about one of the most notable NFL players to cross over. Dryer played for the Rams from 1972 to 1981, reaching the Pro Bowl in 1975, but then he also starred in the TV show Hunter from 1984 to 1990, with a TV movie in 1995 and a revival in 2003.

Dryer was considered for the role of Sam Malone in Cheers that went to Ted Danson, but still appeared in a handful of episodes as a different character. He was on CHiPs, Diagnosis: Murder, and Justice League, as well as the movie Death Before Dishonor.

Dryer is 77.

My question for you: Which TV series that is no longer on the air do you miss the most? It could be a sitcom, a drama, an animated series, anything you can think of. I know that many of our readers were watching TV dating back to the beginning of television itself, while some of you may still be in college, so it will be interesting to get recommendations from all generations.