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Rams with the longest t-shirt slogan in NFL history

Winning and competing and loving and beating the teams and showing up to play and defeating and ....

If the Los Angeles Rams are out to break any NFL records this season, it may start with their team slogans for 2023. Somebody will need to check with ESPN Stats and Info or something.

Posted by Andrew Siciliano on Twitter or X or whatever the X it’s called now, two shirts that appear to be official team merchandise for the players and coaches. One shirt, appearing to be worn by a coach, simply says “Model the Way”. Three words? That won’t get the job done, trust me.

Next, and this one’s for the Pro-Football-Reference record books and the Hall of Fame: “Mentally and Physically Tough Players Who Play Smart & Love To Compete”.

Now that’s how you win at Word Salad.

At 11 words and an ampersand, the 2023 L.A. Rams will be incredibly difficult to beat at slogans. That’s what you call competition and slogan writers who are mentally tough.