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Everything important that Sean McVay said in his first 2023 training camp press conference

Sean McVay talked about Matthew Stafford, being a father, and the importance of running backs

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Training camp for the Los Angeles Rams has started up again and we are getting back to solid NFL news and NFL press conferences. We already reported on who may start the camp on PUP, and we will continue to provide all the updates that we can!

I love watching Sean McVay’s press conference for all the cliché reasons that anyone can think of. Let’s take a look at some of his comments and I’ll point out some things that stood out to me. Please let us know what stood out to you in the comments below!

You can check out the press conference by clicking on this link too.

Spoiler: It’s like he never left.

On what could more or less benefit the team from last year.

I thinking be able to handle adversity, I think be able to use opportunities, you know experiences both good and bad to be able to say alright do we want to appropriately respond and how that really dictates the outcomes you know what kind of vibe what kind of energy are we bringing every single day? You know it’s easy to say “Hey control the things you can control” but like you really doing that?...we’re gonna attack this thing the right way this year.

On if this year feels different:

It does you know because of the youth, I think because of the experiences last year, I think because of the previous six seasons, I think using all those things to say how can I use this experience to be the best possible leader I can be...there’s an energy that felt really good about this group in the offseason program, really it was the first time since 2018 we were able to get some full speed work...but it does feel different and I think you have an appreciation that every single year is a new year...

Preach. Every year is a new year.

On what could make this season a success:

“Well I think continuous improvement I think be able to see that growth see how we handle a 17 game season you know because the reality in this sport is you know your gonna be able to have to navigate through a storm and being able to do that I think is going to be one of the separators and how that is reflected isn’t exclusive to wins and losses...

Are we looking ahead to 2024 already?

Don’t forget McVay is going to be a father!

When you bring a child into this world that’s been one of the coolest things I’ve witnessed from some of my closest friends is watching just the way that, man, how that changes people in all the best ways...

Super exciting for the coach and his entire family.

How will the Rams respond to being doubted and overlooked so far this year?

McVay was asked a couple times about various sportsbooks putting the Rams at 6.5 for their over under win total. The coach playfully interacted with the question, but at one point he ultimately said:

They don’t believe in us.

The coach laughed it off. Can’t help but wonder if McVay and his team will enjoy being the underdogs again as opposed to the defending world champs.

Sean McVay talking about the running backs:

What is Cam Akers excellent at? Continuing to figure that out. How does that compliment Kyren (Williams)? You know being able to bring Sony Michel back in the mix and so those are things that are always unfolding there was a lot of things that we kind tried and attempted in the offseason program...

Sean McVay continuing to talking about Sony Michel (and all of the running backs)

But his (Sony Michel’s) professionalism his toughness his ability to be able to compete in both phases and then I think he’s a great compliment you know we got a lot of confidence in Cam and Kyren Williams I think is a guy that did a great job in spring, you know love what we’ve seen from Ronnie Rivers and Zach is an intriguing rookie...

Curious to see which RBs make the final cut.

A couple quick highlights:

McVay does allude that maybe the Rams looked at defensive talent or considered adding a big name player but ultimately they were happy with the draft and the players that were available to them. That was my takeaway.

Mcvay was asked about Matthew Stafford:

You know I think he’s in a great place, you know he’s been able to get a lot of work done in this offseason that he really hasn’t in a handful of previous offseasons...he feels great.

We’ll see.