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Random Ramsdom: Do you agree with the latest Madden ratings for Rams players?

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 7/25/23

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Warren Moon, left, former quarterback for the Kansas City Ch Photo by Suzi Altman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The new Madden 24 video game will be out soon enough and that is exciting because that is another reminder that true NFL football is getting ever closer. I’ll be candid, my buddies and I usually play the Madden Ultimate Team and we like to build our rosters and then play other real people in 3 v 3 online matches that literally make or break our weeks depending on if we win or lose.

The ratings below I believe are more for franchise mode. I am sure plenty of people cannot wait for the new Madden to drop so they can run simulated seasons with their favorite teams. Maybe someone at Turfshowtimes will do something like that for the Los Angeles Rams!

Either way please check out the ratings below, do you agree with these ratings? Are you going to be playing any Madden this year?

As I said I’ll probably buy it because my friends do too, but let’s hope this years Madden is more fun than last years (spoiler: last years iteration of Madden was not as great as years past in my opinion). Even if you don’t buy it, any chance you’d play with a friend or walk to a neighbors house to play? That’s what we used to have to do when I was growing up, now everyone can play online and no one really has to go anywhere! Brave new world.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below comment on anything you’d like and thanks for checking us out today!

Madden NFL 24 - Los Angeles Rams Roster And Ratings (gamespot)

“The Rams feature two players rated 90 or better. The team’s best player is right end Aaron Donald, who kicks off this year with a perfect 99 OVR rating. For the full look at the team’s starters, check out the lineup below.

Did the Madden team whiff on any of its ratings? Remember, these are just the launch ratings, and players will receive adjusted OVRs throughout the football season.

Player Name Position OVR

Matthew Stafford QB 75

Cam Akers HB 81

Cooper Kupp WR 96

Van Jefferson WR 76

Demarcus Robinson WR 75

Tyler Higbee TE 80

Joseph Noteboom LT 72

Steve Avila LG 71

Brian Allen C 73

Coleman Shelton RG 67

Rob Havenstein RT 82

Bobby Brown III DT 69

Jonah Williams DT 67

Aaron Donald RE 99

Marquise Copeland LE 68

Bryon Young LOLB 68

Ernest Jones MLB 75

Michael Hoecht ROLB 69

Cobie Durant CB 73

Robert Rochell CB 69

Russ Yeast FS 67

Jordan Fuller SS 75

Christopher Dunn K 68

Ethan Evans P 68

For more on this year’s football sim, don’t miss the full scope of Madden 24 rosters and ratings for all 32 teams.”

Rams projected to go 7-10, finish 3rd in NFC West this season (ramswire)

“Nate Davis of USA TODAY doesn’t expect the Rams to be worse than they were in 2022, but he also doesn’t believe they’ll make the playoffs. Davis released his projected records for every team and he has the Rams going 7-10, finishing third in the NFC West.

Los Angeles Rams (7-10): DL Aaron Donald, QB Matthew Stafford and WR Cooper Kupp missed a combined 22 games last year as the Rams crumbled to 5-12, the worst record ever for a reigning Super Bowl champion. Assuming that trio is healthy, LA should again be competitive … if this team can score 30+ points a week due to a stripped-down D that has almost nothing beyond its three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

So much of the 2023 season is going to come down to the health of Stafford, Kupp and Donald, all of whom are coming off season-ending injuries. If any of them gets hurt, the Rams’ season is going to go downhill rather quickly.

If they can stay healthy and players such as Ernest Jones, Van Jefferson, Cam Akers and Cobie Durant can play at a relatively high level, the Rams will be competitive, as Davis wrote. There are a lot of “ifs” involved with the Rams this year but with some injury luck, they should be better than they were in 2022.”

Kelly Stafford, wife of Rams quarterback, clears the air on health rumors: ‘I do not have cancer’ (foxnews)

“Kelly Stafford took to social media on Monday to dismiss reports that speculated she may have cancer after she opened up on her podcast last week about her recent health issues.

The wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford posted a picture to her Instagram with the text, “I do not have cancer,” after some reports misrepresented recent comments she made about her health.

“There is a bunch circulating right now and [I] want to reiterate that I DO NOT HAVE CANCER,” the caption read. “If journalists actually took time to check facts these days, they would know this.”

“I’m infuriated. Most [of] the time I wouldn’t care what people wrote because it didn’t matter.

“THIS MATTERS. This matters because it takes away from the people who are fighting this horrible disease... fighting to live another day, fighting to be there with the ones they love, fighting 24/7. So PLEASE send your prayers to them. I will reiterate it again, I do not have cancer and I have never had cancer.”

“I’m so sorry again for the ones who are fighting. And to you so called journalists out there, be better. And stop using me as click bait because NFL camp is starting back.”

NFL training camp 2023: Three questions each NFC West team must answer before start of new season (

“1. Can Matthew Stafford bounce back?

Matthew Stafford LAR • QB • #9 CMP% 68.0YDS 2087TD 10INT 8YD/ATT 6.89

It was not long ago that quarterback Matthew Stafford was holding up the Lombardi Trophy in his home stadium, but last season he went 3-6 in nine starts. A stark difference to say the least.

He missed the final seven games of the season due to a spinal cord contusion. A healthy Stafford will be crucial for the struggling team to bounce back. Stafford will also be a good veteran presence to help the younger players acclimate and excel. Before going out with an injury, Stafford had 2,087 passing yards with 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

General manager Les Snead is reshaping the team with Stafford as a leader. “I think we’re going to definitely rely on Matthew, he’s definitely one of our pillars.

The team certainly believes Stafford can still be the quarterback to lead them to wins, and his first snaps back at training camp will be a good indication of just how far he still needs to go, if at all.”

2. Who will replace Jalen Ramsey?

Jalen Ramsey MIA • CB • #5

The Rams traded cornerback Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins this offseason, getting a 2023 third-round draft pick (No. 77 overall), plus tight end Hunter Long, in exchange. As one of the best at his position, Ramsey’s presence will be missed. He was also a reliable player, missing just three games in the last three seasons.

Los Angeles added to its secondary this offseason both in the draft and through free agency. The Rams signed cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon and selected cornerback Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson in the sixth round. There will surely be some competition throughout the defense and specifically the secondary during training camp.

3. How will their draft picks perform?

Kobie Turner LAR • DL • #91

The Rams have given up many draft picks in recent years, and when they did draft, it was far back in the process. The Rams have not had a first-round selection since 2016, and 2023 was no different.

This year, however, they did have 14 draft picks. As they enter this rebuilding era, they need to get young talent who can perform at a high level.

One notable selection is defensive lineman Kobie Turner out of Wake Forest, who will benefit from Aaron Donald returning this season. Other rookies to look out for are guard Steve Avila, edge Byron Young and corner Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson. With such an emphasis on needing the rookies to play well, there will be a spotlight on them at training camp.”