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Potential Rams target Denzel Mims traded to Detroit Lions

LA lucky to have missed out on the former 2nd-rounder

New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Last month, I wrote a post suggesting that the Los Angeles Rams look into wide receiver Denzel Mims. According to reports early Wednesday afternoon, the New York Jets were planning to cut the fourth-year wide receiver if a trade wasn’t worked out. Instead, the Baylor product is on his way to the Motor City following a trade to the Detroit Lions.

Detroit was reportedly facing some stiff competition from at least three potential playoff contenders also in need of receiving help.

Despite LA missing out on Mims, the front office shouldn’t be afraid to go after some of these so-called reclamation projects in the future. Mims could always find his footing in Detroit but the Rams might’ve been lucky to have just missed out. Signing Mims wouldn’t have been the wisest move despite what I had previously written on the subject.

I blame Mims’ failures in New York on a combination of factors. Most importantly being that he never stood out while he was there. In my original post, I had mostly blamed that on his OC Mike LaFleur without ever pinning it on the pass catcher himself. Upon reading the comments on my article, that point was rightfully brought to my attention:

From 6/22 TST post on Denzel Mims

It’s easy to always blame coaches whenever young players are unable to get it going. I was obviously guilty of it without meaning it to be. Fact is, some players just don’t live up to their hype for whatever reason. In Mims’ case, he couldn’t beat out the guys he had to and that was his undoing with the Jets, not simply poor play calling on LaFleur’s behalf.

Then there’s the other factor being that the Rams truly didn’t need another backup wideout. They need a Robin to Cooper Kupp’s Batman and I doubt Mims would’ve fit that mold. Since the start of the offseason, LA has signed free agents Demarcus Robinson and Tyler Johnson off the street. Solid contributors in their own right throughout their respective careers but nothing more than depth pieces. The Rams don’t even have a WR2 alongside Kupp and acquiring Mims would’ve only created more questions as to his exact role in the offense.

LA was initally interested in the fourth-year player prior to the 2020 NFL Draft. Wednesday’s trade to the Lions proves that the Rams haven’t maintained that interest after all these years. Probably for good reason. Not to say that should discourage them from trying again when the opportunity presents itself.