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Random Ramsdom: Rams grab generational tight end in 2024 mock draft

Brock Bowers would change the face of Sean McVay’s offense

Texas Christian Horned Frogs v Georgia Bulldogs Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

It’s not too early to do 2024 mock drafts, at least not relative to any time you post a mock draft. It is either “always too early” or “never too early” but it is never just “too early” because the draft is next year. Breaking news: Mock drafts are fan fiction every time. Whether they’re posted now or on the morning of the actual event.

The only difference between mock drafts now and mock drafts next year are that we don’t know the order teams will be picking in and that does have an impact on who you can link to the Los Angeles Rams. Most people have the Rams picking high though so most mock drafts have L.A. landing a great prospect and sure enough that is the case in today’s first link for Random Ramsdom.

Rams Draft ‘Unique Weapon’ in Future NFL Mock (Rams Digest)

Pro Football Network recently released their latest 2024 NFL Mock Draft, and had the Rams using the No. 10 overall pick on Georgia tight end Brock Bowers.

“If Stafford and Cooper Kupp continue to be franchise pillars and they find Bowers on the board, L.A. has to think about continuing to build upon their strengths,” PFN wrote. “Bowers isn’t just a tight end but projects as a legitimate top receiving option in the NFL. It’s hard to pass up on more premium positions, but Bowers is the right blend of an elite prospect and unique weapon for Sean McVay that they can’t pass on.”

Three Things the Rams Are Counting on This Season (LAX Sports Nation)

Matthew Stafford’s Health

An Improved Running Game

Production Opposite Of Kupp

Los Angeles brought in Allen Robinson ahead of the 2022 campaign, but he did not prove to be a good fit with the team. The Rams declined to bring Odell Beckham Jr. back after he suffered his second career ACL tear. Van Jefferson is the player to watch, as he’s been a favorite of the organization for several years.

Rams WRs Ben Skowronek & Tutu Atwell learn how to make BBQ

In Episode 4 of We Love LA, presented by Princess Cruises, join Los Angeles Rams wide receivers Ben Skowronek & Tutu Atwell as they learn to make BBQ at SLAB Barbecue. Tune in as they meet with Founder & Pitmaster of SLAB Barbecue Burt Bakman, reveal their favorite barbecued foods & feast on the food they helped make!

Rams Fans Get Confused if Team Signed Past World Cup Striker

Kalinic’s signing came with confusion on the side of members of the “Rams House.” There were fans who began thinking the team signed the striker who was recently seen on a global stage in the 2018 World Cup alongside Croatia.

The soccer player Kalinic was nicknamed “Condor” and was used as an out-and-out striker — mostly deployed as someone who attacks in front of the goal or shows strong finishes with the ball inside the box. He’s also someone who can exploit gaps against defenses and goes into an attack mode on the run.

Sounds like a tight end with the football in his hands. But not to be confused with the well-known Croatian soccer player, the Kalinic the Rams are bringing in has had his extensive career on the gridiron.

Community question: How would you feel about the Rams using their first pick next year on a tight end?