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What is the Rams’ all-time head-to-head record against their 2023 opponents?

Thank goodness for the Arizona Cardinals

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams have been in existence for 87 seasons. According to Pro Football Reference, between their stints in St. Louis, LA and Cleveland, they’ve played a grand total of 1,217 regular season games.

With the Rams attempting to rebound from a down year, they’ll additionally be looking into adding to the win column in their all-time head-to-head record against the teams on their upcoming slate. Earlier this offseason, I took a trip down memory lane by checking into the last time LA had beaten each of the teams on their schedule. Here I’ll take it a step further by reflecting on their historical regular season record against those teams. Isn’t history fun?

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San Francisco 49ers

Record: 67-76-3

When the Rams beat the Niners in the 2018 regular season finale, LA was a game back in the series at 67-68-3. Since then, they’ve lost eight-straight to their Californian rivals and might not ever win another for a long time. Can’t wait to watch that losing streak run to 10 after this year. Maybe I’m pessimistic but everyone from Kyle Shanahan to Joe Montana have tortured this team throughout their 146-game history.

Seattle Seahawks

Record: 22-27

Despite getting swept by the seachickens last season, the Rams have dominated this series under Sean McVay. Despite a losing record overall, their history together is considerably cheery compared to the dark cloud that is the 49ers.

Arizona Cardinals

Record: 48-40-2

This is the only divisional opponent that the Rams have a winning record against. If McVay and LA dominated the Seahawks, they straight up own Arizona. The Rams have gone 11-2 against the Redbirds and because of them, they probably won’t be the worst team in the NFC West. Thank goodness for the Cardinals.

Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 18-21-1

There have been plenty of memorable games in this series, especially in recent years. An Eagles win at the LA Coliseum in 2017 kickstarted an unforgettable Super Bowl title run for Philly. Would it have killed Nick Foles to play like he did that year while he was with the Rams?

Washington Commanders

Record: 12-24-1

Out of any team on the schedule, the Rams have historically played at their worst against Washington. Their .333 winning percentage is the second-worst mark against any team the Rams have faced behind only the Miami Dolphins (.143).

New Orleans Saints

Record: 42-34

Last year’s game in New Orleans marked the first touchdown of Tutu Atwell’s professional career. That alone makes this all-time head-to-head record worth it. Rooting for you to catch more of those bombs this season Tutu!

Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 15-9-2

This record was perhaps the most surprising to me. As I had noted before, the Rams are currently on a four-game losing streak in this series and haven’t beaten Pittsburgh since 2003. Somehow they’re up six games in the all-time series. Go figure.

Dallas Cowboys

Record: 13-15

There are a lot of firsts associated with this particular series. In 2020, Dallas was the first team LA played in the majestic football palace that is SoFi Stadium. Then in the Cowboys inaugural season back in 1960, the Rams gave them quite the rule awakening. A “welcome to the NFL” moment if you will.

Cleveland Browns

Record: 12-9

These two teams don’t have much history on the field. Yet, they both got quality starting quarterback play out of Baker Mayfield. It didn’t happen very often for the Heisman winner but when it did, it was special. In 1999 when Cleveland saw NFL football return to their city for the first time in four years, the Rams again dished out a rude welcome to the hapless Brownies. Can you believe the nerve of this team? Send a fruit basket instead you monsters!

New York Giants

Record: 28-16

The history between these two dates all the way back to 1938. Since then, the Rams have usually gotten the better of the Giants. Something interesting about this series has to do with Rosey Grier, a defensive linemen who played with both teams during his career from 1955-66. Grier is the last surviving member of the “Fearsome Foursome” and celebrated his 91st birthday on July 14.

Green Bay Packers

Record: 46-47-2

LA has lost the last two regular season matchups at Lambeau Field. Neither game was particularly close for the Rams and they’ll look to break that streak in ‘23. With so much uncertainty for Green Bay at the game’s most important position, LA has a strong chance to tie the all-time series back up at 47 wins apiece.

Baltimore Ravens

Record: 3-5

The history between the Rams and Ravens is brief but a big deal nonetheless. While in St. Louis, the Rams kicked off the Greatest Show on Turf years in style against one of the best defenses of the era.

Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 6-8

Dating back to 1972, the Rams and Bengals have paralleled each other in terms of having authored the most surprising turnarounds in NFL history. The 2021 Bengals and 1999 Rams came out of nowhere to take the league by storm. However, the Rams would have a blast at the expense of the Bengals in both those campaigns.

Indianapolis Colts

Record: 20-23-2

The Colts might lead this series but the Rams kicked it all off with a bang in 1950. When the Colts resided in Baltimore, they ran into a buzzsaw of an LA team that scored an absurd 466 points. IN 1950(!) Let’s just say things got pretty out of hand in a hurry.