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Random Ramsdom: Sean McVay on why teams may not want to be on Hard Knocks

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 7/15/23

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Happy Saturday! Hopefully you can enjoy part of your day by diving into some Los Angeles Rams new and links! Our first article has Sean McVay discussing some of the challenges a team can face when taking part in the TV show Hard Knocks. We posted an article on Friday where I mentioned the New York Jets would be this years subject, and I pondered if Mike LaFleur (former Jets offensive coordinator who is now with the Rams) was happy to avoid being on Hard Knocks? It’s a fair question. Someone should ask him about it!

Please check out our other links. Would you want to see the Rams on Hard Knocks again any time soon? I would watch it if they were on again but the Rams seem to have plenty of content, but I do suppose it’s never enough.

Please comment on anything you’d like or just relax and check out the links! No comments needed but we love to have them!

Sean McVay gives a key reason many teams don’t like being on ‘Hard Knocks’ (ramswire)

“The Jets are HBO’s focus this year, which is perfect timing with this being Aaron Rodgers’ first season in New York. Rodgers doesn’t sound thrilled about the fact that his new team will be on “Hard Knocks” and he won’t be the last to voice his displeasure, either.

It’s understandable. Not only will fans have greater access to behind-the-scenes footage of the Jets, but so will their opponents and teams around the NFL. Sean McVay gave his take on why teams usually don’t like being on “Hard Knocks” and it largely has to do with not giving other teams an edge.

“I think the first thing is, when you play in a league that’s so competitive – 32 teams in the league – information is at a premium so you just want to be mindful of not having anything that gives anybody a competitive advantage,” he said at the Variety Sportico Summit. “You’re always looking for your edges and your margins and just the seamless thing of being able to pick up somebody on their cadence and some of the verbiage and vernacular that can maybe give the opposing team an advantage. So there’s some of those things.”

McVay also believes that having the cameras around all the time can take away from the authenticity of some conversations that are had in the building and at practice, which is another fair point. Players and coaches may not completely be themselves when they know they’re being filmed.

“The thing that I always had the most difficult time with was, when you have a camera on, is it as authentic as it could be when you know someone’s listening? As opposed to being able to have that real, authentic, true interpersonal interaction. And so it does take away some of that stuff,” he added.”

Trade Cooper Kupp? What Could Rams Gain in Draft Picks Haul? (ramsdigest/fannation)

“Kupp is critical to the Rams’ success, and the offense often runs through him. With the Rams entering a retool, though, there are those who believe they should’ve gone all the way and sent off all their stars, including Kupp.

Even now, the occasional trade proposal has the Rams trading the star receiver away for futures. Bleacher Report was the latest outlet to suggest such an idea, proposing a trade that would send Kupp to the Detroit Lions. In return, L.A. would receive a 2024 first-round pick, a 2024 third-round pick (via the Minnesota Vikings) and a 2025 third-round pick.

“The Detroit Lions could make their case for inclusion by acquiring one of the remaining superstars from the Rams team that won Super Bowl LVI... Offering the Rams additional draft capital to help with their rebuild while adding one of the most talented receivers in the game would help both franchises achieve their goals in their current timelines,” Bleacher Report writes.

The value the Rams would get for Kupp is comparable to other recent trades involving star receivers. Last offseason saw a bevy of prominent receivers change teams via trade, including A.J. Brown, Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill. All three players fetched a first-round pick and a pick on Day 2 of the draft, plus three Day 3 picks in the case of Hill.

The extra draft capital would certainly help the Rams in this scenario. An extra first-rounder is always great, and the third-round picks could become very useful as well. After all, Kupp is a former third-round pick himself.

How should St. Louis spend Rams money? Officials to ask public for ideas. (

“ST. LOUIS — City officials will soon begin soliciting ideas from the public on how they should use their $250 million share of the NFL Rams settlement.

An initial public survey will go live by the end of August, said Aldermanic President Megan Green, and officials will start holding public meetings in the fall.

She said officials will also be sending out more surveys and hearing from people at public meetings over the next year.

City leaders, residents and pundits have already spent months talking about what to do with the money. Some want to fill potholes and fix the water department. Some want to making college more affordable for the region’s children. Some talk of putting it in a trust and using the interest for a variety of projects.”

LA Rams, Team Vibes and Players to Target and Avoid (

“As we race toward August, will look at one team per day with our quick-hitting Team Vibes and Players to Target and Avoid, where we check out the overall mood of each team’s offense and let you know the players we are in on (because they are great values at the cost it takes to acquire them) and who we’re out on (because they are too expensive and won’t give you a good return on that investment).

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This is a daily series that will stretch through July 31. If you like this and want another, come back tomorrow. Another will be here. And all 32 of them will be free to Insiders. To become an Insider, simply sign up with a free account.

And here are all of the Team Vibes and Players to Target and Avoid articles we’ve done so far:

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Quick Hits

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Rams, Team Vibes

  • Good - 3
  • Neutral - 5
  • Bad - 7

Staffers with Good Vibes

  • Phil Alexander: Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp are presumably healthy.
  • Daniel Harms: McVay, with a healthy Kupp and Stafford, will score points along with a poor defense forcing them to throw late in games.
  • Ben Cummins: Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay are a great combination for fantasy production.”

Is Rams Tyler Higbee A Top 10 NFL TE? (fannation/ramsdigest)

“Higbee played in all 17 games last season,” ESPN writes. ”A significant feat for a player who had missed time with nagging injuries in each of the previous three seasons — collecting 620 yards and three touchdowns.

“Great hands. Not fast but has a lot of savvy, feel, and is a fluid player, just keeps getting hurt,” an AFC scout said.

Despite recent criticism for the $9.1 million cap hit Higbee carries in 2023, the value he brings is undeniable. Now heading into 2023 with the optimism of health on his side, the veteran tight end looks to continue adding more NFL recognition.”