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Rams fans discuss: What TV shows are you watching now?

Hard Knocks has been announced, and Quarterback is now on Netflix


Last week we posted an article discussing TV shows from the past and which ones we missed the most and that brought in a lot of great answers so this week’s question is “What TV show(s) are you watching right now?”

One of the most popular shows on Netfllix this week, if not their most popular, is Quarterback. The show follows several NFL quarterbacks through last season. If you’re watching it already, what are your thoughts?

I have been rewatching AMC’s Mad Men, but I also have been keeping up with the current HBO show The Righteous Gemstones. I have been following Danny McBride and his group since the Foot Fist Way. I recently started watching Amazon’s The Expanse, and finished season one. As you can see I watch all kinds of TV (and movies too, anyone else excited for Oppenheimer?)! It’s tough to find the time for all them. Not to mention that soon enough NFL football will be back! Between the NFL and baseball it really might be tough to keep up with everything!

Not sure if anyone will be watching the upcoming season of Hard Knocks but this year will be covering the New York Jets (not the Los Angeles Rams). I wonder if Mike LaFleur is happy that he is in LA (he was the Jets offensive coordinator the last few years) so that he can avoid the Hard Knocks cameras. He just has to deal with the LA cameras now. I’ll probably watch some Hard Knocks as long as I have access to HBO (or is it just MAX now?)

Let us know what you are watching or looking forward to below! I can always use more recommendations.