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Which throwback uniform should the Rams bring back?

What throwback uniform would you like to see the Rams bring back?

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Several teams this offseason have released or are planning to release alternate throwback uniforms to their collection. While the Los Angeles Rams released the “modern throwbacks” that they wore during the Super Bowl, nothing would please fans more than bringing back the classic navy blue and yellow with a full horn on the helmet. Some would argue that these should have been the new uniforms to begin with.

Throwback uniforms have always been popular among fans, but they seems to especially be making a comeback. Earlier this week, Tampa Bay Buccaneers released their old “creamsicle” uniforms that they wore in the 70s. The creamsicles are arguably among the ugliest uniforms of all-time, but fans still seem to love them for the “time capsule” effect. For older fans, these are the uniforms that their favorite players wore growing up.

It doesn’t stop with the Buccaneers either. The Philadelphia Eagles will be getting kelly Green uniforms for the 2023 season. These haven’t been released yet, but they are confirmed. Additionally, the Seattle Seahawks will be getting throwback uniforms for this season, bringing back the uniforms and logo that they wore in the era of Steve Largent.

Among teams along the Buccaneers to release new throwback uniforms this offseason are the New England Patriots. The Patriots are bringing back Pat Patriot on their helmet with a red jersey.

While the Detroit Lions didn’t release a new uniform set, they did announce a new helmet shell. On that shell features a vintage logo from the 1960s. There are other examples, but these ones come from just this offseason. The Denver Broncos are set to release a new helmet this offseason and it wouldn’t be surprising if it had a throwback inspiration.

The Rams are not one of the teams that will be releasing a new uniform concept or helmet this offseason. However, next offseason is certainly a possibility. It will be interesting to see what direction that the Rams go. Will they bring back something classic like the old Ferragamo’s or even older with the blue/white helmet from the fearsome foursome era? Going with an all-sol uniform to touch on the 1950s uniforms are also an option. Still, they could go with something completely different.

Because the Rams released the “modern throwback” uniform prior to 2021, a completely new uniform and helmet design does seem more likely. Black uniforms are something that’s very trendy with fans for primetime “blackout” games. With that said, it’s hard not to see just how popular throwback uniforms and concepts are among the fans.

The Rams have gone to an all-yellow look in the past. They did this in St. Louis for their “color rush” uniform. However, that was only the uniform itself. There is an opportunity here to connect an alternate helmet shell to the uniform.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that the Rams will have options. What uniform combination would you like to see?