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Random Ramsdom: Kurt Warner explains Jared Goff’s greatest weakness

From one former Rams quarterback to another

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Jared Goff is no longer the quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, and neither is Kurt Warner, but it is interesting to get to hear one of the best to ever wear blue and gold talk about one of the most recent to do it under center. NFL fans are lucky to get a free breakdown show from a Hall of Famer on a regular basis and this week, Warner dug into some tape on Goff in the Detroit Lions season finale against the Green Bay Packers.

Though Goff is no longer on the Rams, insight into holes in his game from one of the best quarterbacks of all-time could also help offer additional dialogue on why L.A. decided to trade him and two first round picks for Matthew Stafford in 2021. The Rams won a Super Bowl and Goff is coming off of arguably the strongest season of his career, albeit one that didn’t end in a trip to the postseason.

But it did end in a win over the Packers, helping send Aaron Rodgers packing to the AFC in the offseason.

Warner dissects the highs and lows of Jared Goff in part one of this breakdown, but we can focus on the lows if only because that’s how the video and the game started: As noted by Warner, Jared Goff has proven that he can “make all the throws” and “the big plays” but that he’s just as capable of missing easy opportunities and his passes can miss the mark by a relative mile right when he doesn’t want them to.

Goff’s inconsistent accuracy and questionable decision making led to the L.A. Rams deciding that they had to strike while the window was hot by trading him for Stafford and now he’s got a shot at making the playoffs with the Lions in 2023. But to do that, he’ll have to clean up those unforced errors. In the meantime, the Rams have Matthew Stafford and fans have many more videos from Warner to watch via QB Confidential.

Here’s more news about the L.A. Rams, past and present, from Wednesday.

Rams DT Aaron Donald: Sneaky MVP Candidate?

Despite that, there is no denying the defensive tackle’s immense value to the Rams and their potential success this season. His importance is highlighted by the fact that named him the Rams’ non-quarterback MVP heading into the season. This recognition is attributed to his potential to be exceptional on a lackluster defensive line.

“Donald considered retirement, he said, following the Rams’ Super Bowl victory, and he’s sticking it out after the wicked hangover that was the 2022 season,” writes. “If he can continue dominating on a rebuilding defense, it could vault him to even loftier greatness. The man is likely to see even more tricked-up blocking schemes designed to neutralize him.”

2023 will be a season long remembered by LA Rams rookies

It’s that need to create cohesiveness among the LA Rams rookies that is perhaps the greatest challenge for the LA Rams coaching staff. While the name of the game ultimately is competitiveness, there is also an incredibly important task of teaching young players to promote the team, to create the “We not me,” instinct among so many unfamiliar players.

Rams & Nike create memorable SoFi Draft Lab experience for Long Beach Poly girls flag football team

In partnership with Nike, the Los Angeles Rams hosted the Long Beach Poly girls flag football team at the SoFi Draft Lab. Watch as they were given an exclusive tour, designed personalized backpacks, and engaged in team bonding activities.

Rams Icon Ripped Idea of Sean McVay in 2017 Before Changing Mind, Exec Says

Turns out the 1999 Super Bowl winner while the team was in St. Louis was objective to the idea of a team hiring a head coach that young. Yet, Demoff recalled Faulk being a perfect guy to receive input from.

“Marshall was the perfect person because he was explaining to me why we had needed a veteran offensive mind to be the head coach,” Demoff said. “And he was happy to go to dinner with this 30-year-old, but he thought that was stupid, and that we were stupid.”

It was never revealed who Faulk really had in mind over McVay. However, a dinner night out involving Faulk and McVay changed the mood.

Who Were the Real Winners and Losers From the Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Rams Trade?

The Rams are not in a position to compete meaningfully for a title next year. They have more rookies on their roster than any other team in the NFL, and that’s by design. L.A. has excised most of its veteran talent, with the exceptions of Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and Cooper Kupp.

It became pretty clear to Ramsey that he didn’t want to be a part of that and so moved the team to initiate a trade out in order to continue competing. He was apparently so committed to this particular prospect that he prayed for a trade for a month.

Community Question: What was Jared Goff’s greatest quality with the Rams?