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Random Ramsdom: Read a “bold” take saying LA’s Super Bowl window has closed

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 7/11/23

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Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I have no real problem with the bold takes. I think (and hope) that since I started writing I have become more open minded than ever about work that is not my own. Here’s what I find interesting, is saying the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl window has closed a bold take? If saying the Rams Super Bowl window has closed is a “bold take” then that’s a good thing for Rams fans. That would indicate to me that more likely the window is still open. We will find out.

Thank you for checking out today’s Random Ramsdom, comment on whatever you’d like (there’s a pretty interesting article that brings up Kyle Shanahan) and if you never comment that is alright too (though we’d love to hear from you). Please check out our community question at the bottom (and its above today too haha) and have a great day!

‘Bold Prediction’: Will Rams Become Worst Team in NFL? (fannation/ramsdigest)

“Over the past few days, rumors and reports have spread about the Los Angeles Rams’ intentions to continue their roster purge. After getting rid of big names like Bobby Wagner and Jalen Ramsey, a new report recently revealed they also looked at trading away quarterback Matthew Stafford earlier this offseason. Additionally, new rumors have swirled that they could even trade dominant defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Trading away Donald and Stafford would mean Rams general manager Les Snead couldn’t avoid using the term “rebuild” as he has to this point. Instead of using rebuild to describe the Rams’ roster status, he has termed it a “remodeling.”

Yet despite not being in “rebuilding” mode, it hasn’t helped the Rams get any closer to getting back into the playoffs, as many of the season predictions have the 2023 season being similar to the last for LA.

A new article from Fox Sports reveals Jason McIntyre’s five “bold predictions” for the upcoming NFL season has the Rams’ Super Bowl run ending, as he predicts them to be “one of the worst teams in the league.”

“I can see them being one of the worst teams in the league, and thus they decide to pull the trigger and trade Aaron Donald, basically their only good defender,” McIntyre said. ”Look at the PFF stats for this defense — it is abysmal. I know that they won the Super Bowl going with the big Stafford, Kupp, Donald. But then everything fell apart... I think you are in a window where this team … decides to just reboot and move on from Aaron Donald.”

Jason McIntyre’s 5 bold NFL predictions (foxsports)

“BOLD PREDICTION NO. 2: The Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl run is over

J-Mac’s thoughts: ”I can see them being one of the worst teams in the league, and thus they decide to pull the trigger and trade Aaron Donald, basically their only good defender. Look at the PFF stats for this defense — it is abysmal. I know that they won the Super Bowl going with the big Stafford, Kupp, Donald. But then everything fell apart. They lost Jalen Ramsey, their best cornerback, who basically shut down one side of the field. [They lose] their middle linebacker, Bobby Wagner, one of the best defenders on the team. They lose two of their top three defenders. I think you are in a window where this team … decides to just reboot and move on from Aaron Donald.”

Ranking Rams’ offseason additions by potential impact in 2023 (theramswire)

“Looking back at the Rams’ (few) offseason additions, we ranked them based on their potential impact – from best to worst. This exercise excludes draft picks and undrafted rookies, limiting it to just free-agent signings, waiver claims and trade acquisitions.


CB Ahkello Witherspoon

Witherspoon not only has the best chance to make the roster, but also to potentially start. He’ll need to beat out Robert Rochell and others at cornerback, but given the lack of experience Los Angeles has at the position, Witherspoon can be a reliable veteran in the secondary. Not to mention, he brings good size to the cornerback position, which the Rams lack with Cobie Durant and Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson – if the rookie ends up starting. The addition of Witherspoon brings at least a little stability to a position group that’s lacking proven talent.


TE Hunter Long

The Rams acquired Long in their blockbuster trade involving Jalen Ramsey. The real draw of that deal was the third-round pick they got in return, but Les Snead and Sean McVay clearly see value in Long, too. Where he falls in the pecking order at tight end is completely unclear right now, other than the fact that Tyler Higbee is ahead of him.

He could be the No. 2 tight end, or he could be the fourth option behind Higbee, Brycen Hopkins and rookie Davis Allen. We don’t yet know what Long’s impact is, but he’s a third-year player who hasn’t gotten much of a chance yet as a receiver.


WR Demarcus Robinson

Robinson and Tyler Johnson were the Rams’ two free-agent additions at wide receiver and they probably have an equally good chance of making the team. But I’ll lean toward Robinson when it comes to his potential impact because he’s contributed to both the Chiefs and Ravens throughout his career. He was the Ravens’ leading wide receiver last season despite only making two starts and now he comes to a Rams team that could use a No. 3 receiver behind Cooper Kupp and Van Jefferson.

Robinson isn’t a burner, but rather more of a possession receiver who struggles with drops at times but can be a true outside receiver. The Rams could use a player like him with Kupp occupying the slot, though he’ll face a lot of competition from Ben Skowronek, Tutu Atwell, Puka Nacua and Johnson.”

Snow storm kept Rams from interviewing Kyle Shanahan in 2017 (

“Both clubs found coaches who have had a ton of success, but there’s a universe where the Rams are the ones that wind up with Kyle Shanahan. Things may very well have turned out that way if not for some wild weather on the East Coast.

Rams general manager Les Snead said on ‘The Playcallers,’ a podcast from the Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue, that a snow storm grounded team brass and kept them from getting to their interview with Shanahan, who was then the offensive coordinator for the Super Bowl-bound Falcons.

“We couldn’t get there,” Snead told Rodrigue. “We did ask Kyle, ‘hey would you like to FaceTime?’ He didn’t really want to do that. So at that point in time we passed on the interview. That weather event and whatever occurred because of it, it definitely changed the course of the NFC West.”

The 49ers had strong interest in McVay during that hiring cycle and had a long interview with him. There aren’t that many deviations in the present timeline necessary to reach a world where the 49ers and Rams wound up swapped coaches with McVay joining San Francisco and Shanahan heading to LA.

How things would’ve worked out in that scenario is impossible to know. The two teams were in such different places at that point, and with McVay in the Bay Area it’s likely John Lynch wouldn’t have wound up in the front office – and the list could go on from there.”

Rams desperately tried to trade Matthew Stafford for $59 million reason: former NFL exec (nypost)

“A Super Bowl only gets you one season of loyalty, it seems.

Former NFL executive Michael Lombardi was on Friday’s “The Pat McAfee Show” and revealed that the Los Angeles Rams tried to deal away Matthew Stafford — their 2022 Super Bowl-winning starting quarterback — before the new league year in early September.

“When his option bonus was getting ready to kick in, they attempted, with a lot of effort, to trade him—any team could have had him,” Lombardi said.

However, Rams general manager Les Snead was unsuccessful and ultimately picked up Stafford’s 2023 option bonus and 2024 salary.

“The problem was, you had to absorb the $59 million, and the Rams knew there was no way around the $59 million,” Lombardi said. “They couldn’t get around it unless they traded him and somebody else took it.”

There’s plenty of food for thought above! Consider this question (and whatever other questions/comments you have let us know below!), is it a bold take to say the Ram Super Bowl window has closed? Or is that just a fair take?