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Jalen Ramsey says Aaron Donald is the best defensive player ever

Former Rams CB Jalen Ramsey calls Aaron Donald the best defensive player ever

Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Despite being traded away from the Los Angeles Rams earlier this offseason, cornerback Jalen Ramsey hasn't shied away from voicing his opinions whether it’s in the media or on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Ramsey had to clarify a comment that he made when talking to reporters when he called the Miami Dolphins defense the best defense that he’s been apart of in his career. Ramsey had to clarify that he was talking about the scheme, not the personnel. Said Ramsey,

“Cmon now lol… yall asked me about the scheme & I said it’s the best one I’ve been in, which is the same scheme I’ve been in for the past 4 years. Don’t try to act like I threw shade on my LA brothers, would never do that!The Miami media spun it as a shade on Los Angeles and Ramsey wasn’t having any part of it. “

On Friday, Ramsey made his case for Aaron Donald being the best defensive player to ever play in the NFL. The former Rams cornerback also added that Donald should have been on the cover of the Madden video game a long time ago. He continued to say that it any shade to anybody else, but only that Donald truly is a one-of-one.

There will always be a debate on who is the best defensive player ever. Lawrence Taylor, JJ Watt, Ronnie Lott each have their cases. However, according to Ramsey the greatest ever is Aaron Donald.

Donald is one of just three players to ever win the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year three times. As an interior defensive lineman, Donald became the fastest to record 100 sacks last season. At 103 career sacks, he trails only John Randle among defensive tackles in NFL history. Randle finished with 137.5 sacks in his career.

Ramsey got a first-hand look at Aaron Donald as the two played together for a little over three years. The former Rams cornerback got to witness Donald’s ability to take over games. This was especially the case during the 2021 Super Bowl run in which Donald took over games against the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals. It was Donald’s two plays, disrupting Jimmy Garoppolo and Joe Burrow that helped the Rams win the NFC Championship game and Super Bowl.

As for Donald being on the cover of Madden, much like other high-profile awards, it’s highly unlikely that a defensive player is chosen. The last defensive player to get on the cover was Richard Sherman on Madden 15. The only defensive player before Sherman to make the cover was Ray Lewis on Madden 05.

Donald will get an opportunity this season to really show off his greatness as the Rams gutted the defense as they re-tool the roster.