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Which former Rams deserve to be remembered more?

Torry Holt is perhaps chief among them

NFL: Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Countless players have made it into the NFL since its inception in 1920. Several have been immortalized forever in the Pro Football Hall of Fame while others have faded out of memory as time goes on. No one is immune from that distinction either, especially HOFers and hopefuls looking to finally make it into Canton.

The real question becomes, who among those players deserves to be recognized more in the annals of professional football? Who hasn’t received enough credit for their performance on the field?

While skimming through the responses to this tweet, I found three former Rams players that fans believed deserved to be remembered more. One comment name-dropped Hall of Famer Orlando Pace. However, the most replies I saw had listed the names of Torry Holt and Steven Jackson respectively. Jackson received the most love which was quite timely since our very own Kenneth Arthur wrote a trivia post on the Rams great over the weekend.

Jackson was only part of just two playoff games during his nine-year career in St. Louis. Both came during his rookie year in 2004. The wheels came off for the franchise following that playoff run as from 2005-12, the Rams complied a 36-91-1 record. Jackson produced during the darkest era in team history. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Holt made a name for himself during the highly successful Greatest Show on Turf era.

The birthday boy has yet to receive the greatest present of all: getting his bust in Canton. While he should get there eventually (God willing), he is one of the most elite pass catchers most everyone forgets about. His GSOT teammate Kurt Warner hasn’t forgotten and still has zero clue how Holt hasn’t made it in yet despite his stellar resume.

His day will come and then the GSOT will finally be complete in the Hall of Fame. It better come soon as I’m really getting bummed out by my “Will Torry Holt finally become a Hall of Famer?” becoming an annual post. That gold jacket is in sight Rams faithful I can feel it! Give or take a few more years.

What other Los Angeles Rams or St. Louis Rams’ players deserve greater recognition? I’m sure you have some excellent names to drop in the comments. Let’s hear ‘em Turf Show Ramily!