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Andrew Whitworth’s favorite game as a member of the Rams

Whitworth helped spark two 100-yard rushing performances in one playoff game

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

For those unaware, D’Marco Farr is has been hosting a podcast for the L.A. Rams YouTube channel called “Rams Iconic” in which he talks to former members of the team about their greatest moments with the team. Last week, Farr sat down with Andrew Whitworth to discuss reaching two Super Bowls and winning one during his five years with the franchise.

He also goes into how life has been better since retiring last offseason, so we can probably put return rumors to rest.

As far as what Whitworth’s favorite play was during his time with the Rams, Whitworth immediately points to 2018’s win over the Dallas Cowboys, the first playoff victory of his career. In that 30-22 win, Whitworth helped block for 123 rushing yards by C.J. Anderson, 115 yards by Todd Gurley, and zero sacks on Jared Goff. He points directly to the last rushing touchdown scored in that game to secure the win.

The Rams would beat the Saints the next week before losing to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. It would be a few more years until L.A. and Whitworth made it back to the Super Bowl, but with Matthew Stafford they were able to seal the deal against his former team.

As far as his favorite play when with the Cincinnati Bengals, he likes a blocking play from earlier in his career.