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Random Ramsdom: New OC Mike LaFleur preaches patience with young roster

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 6/4/23

New York Jets Training Camp Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

In teaching younger Rams offensive players, OC Mike LaFleur encourages learning by making mistakes now rather than later (

“In a spring filled with the most focus they’ve had on true team work since 2018, LaFleur and the rest of the Los Angeles’ coaching staff are doing lots of teaching with a young roster. LaFleur wants those players making mistakes now rather than later.

“You have to just kind of breath a little bit more and be patient with some things obviously, but at the same time, you got to let them (know that) this league is urgent,” LaFleur said. “And you don’t want to force too much down these guys, but at the same time, September is coming and we’re trying to build to that point right now. So again, they’re out there. You try to trim back the script just a little bit, but also, hey, we do motion, we do move around, we do change the strength quite a bit, so if we baby them too much, then when the time comes for preseason and the guys that are going to be playing in September, they’re a little bit behind. So, if they’re going to make mistakes, let’s make them right now when we’re out here on the grass just going against each other.”

Rams Among Forbes Most Profitable Sports Franchises Worldwide (SportsIllustrated)

NFL Rams move back to Los Angeles Photo by Brad Graverson/MediaNews Group/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images

“If you need an idea of why owner Stan Kroenke was so hell-bent on moving the Rams franchise from St. Louis to Los Angeles, a new Forbes piece may offer insight into his logic.

According to a new study done by Mike Ozanian of Forbes, the Rams franchise had a $318 million operating income between 2019 and 2021, making them the 11th-highest-earning franchise over that period:

The only NFL franchises that had a higher operating income over this three-year span were the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Houston Texans, and New York Giants. It is noted in the Forbes piece that part of the operating income of each NFL team includes the new TV deal reached with CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN in 2021, which netted each franchise $198 million.”

Rams DC Raheem Morris fast at work looking to replace star Jalen Ramsey (

“When he’s not busy being a hero, defensive coordinator Raheem Morris is tasked with turning around the Los Angeles Rams defense.

It’s an all-the-more daunting assignment in the aftermath of L.A. shipping standout cornerback Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins this offseason. But Morris is doing his best to move on and regroup following the loss of the six-time Pro Bowler, who was the epitome of what a “star” should be.

“It’s hard to even mention Jalen, because like he’s the prototype for every position,” Morris said, via the team website’s Stu Jackson. “But when you talk about what it is, it’s really the increased toughness. It’s really the short space quickness.”

Though he’s regarded as one of the league’s top cornerbacks, the 6-foot-1, 205-pound Ramsey shined for the Rams in the “star” position. He moved around in the secondary, often times as somewhat of a safety, a nickelback or in the slot.”

Rams ‘Fired Up’ on Ernest Jones in Bobby Wagner Role - Coach Raheem Morris

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

“Linebacker Ernest Jones isn’t an unfamiliar name to Rams Country, but it’s a name you’ll hear twice as much in 2023 as a leader on and off the field for Los Angeles. With Bobby Wagner out, it’s Jones’ show.

Following an 11-start season in 2022 for Jones, Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris is confident he’ll take a big step in 2023.

“Ernest is our green dot going out throughout the process doing some of those things, so he’s certainly developed,” Morris told reporters this week, speaking of the headphone-in-the-helmet play-calling job. “Being with Bobby last year certainly helped him from off-the-field standpoint, and certainly an on-the-field standpoint.”

PFF’s picks for Rams’ top 3 players were easier than every other team’s (RamsWire)

“Picking the Los Angeles Rams’ top three players heading into a given season has been difficult for the last six years or so. That’s a testament to the talent they’ve had on the roster, making it tough to separate the best from the rest.

This year is very different for Los Angeles. Picking the Rams’ three best players isn’t difficult at all as the 2023 season approaches. It’s as straightforward as it gets, something Pro Football Focus made very clear in its selection of the top three for every team in the NFL.

No team was easier to pick than the Rams: Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford. That trio was so far ahead of the rest of the team’s roster that in the “also considered” portion of the article, PFF listed “none” for the Rams. There wasn’t even one other player worth considering for the top three.”