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Former Rams edge rusher starting to gain attention on Bears defense

Terrell Lewis was one of the “stand outs” at Chicago’s recent minicamp

Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Jason Allen/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams cut Terrell Lewis before the end of his third season, but the Chicago Bears are hoping that some of his minicamp reps this June are a sign of even better things to come in the future. Lewis was one of the standouts at Bears minicamp this month, although the team was practicing without pads and his “dominant” reps against first round tackle Darnell Wright could be much ado about little.

On the Bears podcast “Under Center” last week, one host noted “so many people” have mentioned Terrell Lewis during Chicago’s minicamp. The hosts pumped the brakes on getting too hyped for Lewis based on a small sample size that has happened during a June practice, but that “maybe he should” make the roster.

There aren’t necessarily any stars standing in his way.

Lewis was added to the Bears practice squad after he was cut by the Rams in December and so he has yet to even be on Chicago’s 53. He is playing for a spot between the practice squad and making the final 53-man roster in September, so no, Terrell Lewis hasn’t earned anything yet. But he reportedly has moved positions and has at least done nothing to hurt his case yet.

Reports have indicated the veteran made several positive plays as a pass rusher, showcasing his length and athleticism. It’s also worth wondering if he’s finally in a defense that fits him best. Los Angeles deployed him as a 3-4 outside linebacker. That position tends to have more responsibilities, such as dropping into coverage. A 4-3 defensive end, which he now is with the Bears, has two jobs. One is to set the edge against the run, and the other is getting up the field to attack the quarterback. Lewis has the size and length tailor-made for a defensive end. By simplifying his approach, it might be what he needed to realize his potential.

One thing is certain. Lewis has done enough to justify more attention when training camp begins.

Lewis has had difficulty staying healthy dating all the way back to his beginnings at Alabama and that’s something else he will need to get under control. But the Bears defensive ends ahead of him, DeMarcus Walker and Rasheem Green, aren’t the cream of the crop options and he could at least have a shot at making the roster.

If he continues to win reps against Wright in training camp after they put the pads on, then that will be something much more interesting and perhaps signal that L.A. gave up too soon. However, he may also never have been a good fit with the Rams despite being a third round pick in 2020.