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49ers writer suggests Rams could pursue Kirk Cousins

It makes no sense

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Everybody is allowed to have a podcast and to share their opinions on the Internet, but 49ers beat writer Grant Cohn does have 65,000 subscribers on YouTube so remarkably he does have quite a large swath of followers. The most rational thing that Cohn said about Kirk Cousins on his podcast on Saturday is that the veteran quarterback probably isn’t good enough to get to the Super Bowl.

The least rational thing that he said is that the Los Angeles Rams could pursue Cousins.

Following a report by Mike Florio that both the San Francisco 49ers and Rams could pursue Cousins as a free agent in 2024, Cohn brings up the rumor and notes the following: “The only thing that could be preventing (the 49ers from Cousins) is that the Rams might go a little more aggressively for him which again, I think that’d be stupid. I don’t think anyone’s winning a Super Bowl with Kirk Cousins.”

Florio told Rich Eisen this week that Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan might have a “tug-of-war” over Cousins if the Vikings don’t re-sign him as a 2024 free agent.

The situation on the Rams is that Matthew Stafford has a $49.5 million cap hit in 2024, with $55.5 million in dead money if they trade him and $86.5 million in dead money if they cut him. L.A.’s only chance to save money is with post-June 1st moves on Stafford before March of next year. The Rams aren’t likely to have much cap room in 2024, even if they totally clean house.

Even if they did, the L.A. Rams would seem to be in no shape to add Kirk Cousins, either now or in the future. Yes, McVay and Shanahan both have familiarity with Cousins from their time in Washington. That’s it. The Rams aren’t a “Cousins quarterback” from winning the Super Bowl and they wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors by adding him at any point. Literally at any point.

I think Florio is saying stuff just to say stuff. Cohn is maybe saying stuff just to deflect from 49ers fans saying stuff.