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Pete Carroll praises Sean McVay: ‘One of the best coaches I’ve gone against’

“I love that he’s a young guy, I’m an old guy, and we get to go head-to-head all the time.”

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll recently went on the OnPoint Live podcast with Jackie Slater and talked about his time at USC, in the NFL, and his thoughts on rival head coach Sean McVay. Slater, a seven-time Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame tackle with the Rams who spent 20 years with the same team, asked Carroll for his thoughts on L.A. head coach Sean McVay.

Carroll, who has struggled mightily against the Rams since McVay took over the team in 2017, was understandably in awe of the work that the NFL’s youngest head coach has done in the last six years. He also offered sympathy for McVay having a poor season in 2022, going 5-12 after five winning records in his first five years.

“I’m sure it’s been hard.”

“I think he’s an incredibly effective coach. I noticed it right off the bat. His ability to structure a team and a style of offense and defense. Consistency that is remarkable. He has great insights, instincts for the games. He must be tough on his players enough to keep them coming back. Good vision. I’m sure for Sean it’s been hard because they’ve been so successful so early, it’s hard to figure out how to stay that way. It’s a big challenge. He hit it so fast and he’s also laid the groundwork for other guys to get opportunities. Those guys are doing well. He’s one of the best coaches that I’ve ever worked against. I love competing against him. I love that he’s a young guy, I’m an old guy, and we get to go head-to-head all the time.”

Carroll added that he loved competing against someone who was born so long after him. McVay is still the league’s youngest coach at 37, while Carroll is turning 72 in September.

The Rams and Seahawks open their season against one another on September 10.