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Rams fans: How will you celebrate your 100th birthday?

How about 200 dogs?

NFL: FEB 05 Patriots Super Bowl Victory Parade Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I read a story this week detailing the 100th birthday of California resident Dr. Robert Moore. An avid dog lover, Moore’s family organized a meetup on the Nextdoor app asking everyone in his neighborhood to please bring their dogs by so that Dr. Moore could give each of them a pet.

About 200 dogs showed up. And he pet every single one of them after they lined up for a “dog parade” past his house.

I couldn’t imagine a much better 100th birthday surprise than two dogs for every year you’ve been alive. The line went well around the block.

For this week’s open thread for Rams fans, I want to know: What would YOU want for your 100th birthday celebration? It can be Rams-related or not, and it doesn’t have to necessarily be G-rated or as wholesome as getting to pet 200 neighborhood dogs, but let’s try and keep the answers off of the Vegas strip and make sure all Turf Show Times readers feel included.

What are your best dog stories? Do you prefer dogs or cats? What was the name of your first pet? Have you named any pets after athletes?

Let us know in the comments for this weekend’s open thread for Rams fans!