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49ers fans don’t think Rams are being ‘overlooked’: ‘They truly suck’

San Francisco fans aren’t holding back anymore

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Set Number: X164222 TK1

The Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers have developed quite a rivalry since friends Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan became the respective head coaches, culminating in a memorable NFC Championship game less than 18 months ago, and resulting in nationally-followed storylines whenever the two meet at SoFi Stadium. San Francisco got back to the NFC title game last season, while L.A. paid the penalty for injuries (and winning the Super Bowl, which means losing good players and coaches sometimes), but the two franchises remain in a rivalry.

Same as their fanbases.

Over at SBNation’s 49ers blog, Niners Nation, fans were asked if the Rams were being “overlooked” based on an article at ProFootballFocus that claimed that L.A. is being underestimated. The answers in the comments section were as you’d expect:

“No one is overlooking the Rams. They truly suck.”

“The Rams went all-in on a Super Bowl, it worked. But there are consequences in the route they took to get there. I call it the “Mercenary Approach” versus “Team Building”. Both methods work.”

“6.5 games seems generous. They were 5-12 last season, and appear to be worse now, at least on paper. If nothing’s changed by the start of the regular season(roster or line) it would be worth piling on the under...”

“Come on their D is going to be a joke.”

“No. Next question, please.”

“The rams have no pass rushers, no secondary, no running game….no chance”

“They bought/went all in for a championship and almost lost to us. Man, if they didn’t get that win they would be in absolute hell.”

“Not at all, the two wins they’ll give us are quite helpful”

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

There were a couple 49ers fans who thought that yes, the Rams are being overlooked.

“One of the big mistakes people are making is assuming the injury problem stays around. More likely they return to normal and as long as they have HC McVay, QB Stafford, and WR Cupp (sic) they can put a good offense on the field. I do think they aren’t a defensive stalwart but one of the reasons the Hawks did so well last year was the Rams did so poorly. The Rams and Niners will sweep the Hawks next year and Geno will lose his starting job once the Hawks win 7 games only”

(Imagine having a name as easy to remember as “Kupp” and being the best receiver in the NFL for at least one season and still there are spelling issues.)

“I think the Rams with Donald will always be a challenge, but if Stafford can stay healthy, they have a good chance to stay out of the cellar.”

“I think the Rams could be tough opponents for the 49ers. Why? Because of Sean McVay. He was a protégé of KS, so i think he is a smart, competent coach. He may be able to get the most out of his players, and he can put them into positions to succeed. A lot hinges on Stafford.”

So the question is on you now, Rams fans: Are the 2023 49ers being overrated?

Feel free to express your opinions to the full degree of honesty.