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From St. Louis to LA: What is your favorite Rams game of all-time?

There have been plenty of thrillers throughout Rams history: What’s your favorite?

Syndication: Camarillo CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR

Part of the fun of being a football fan is reminiscing about the past. Whether it be having the opportunity to watch your favorite player in-person or going to your first-ever game, something continues to draw your interest year after year. Even with all the disappointment your team might’ve brought you the year before.

Looking at you 2022 Los Angeles Rams. Let’s try to bury you from memory as fast as humanly possible.

Anyways, fandom is not only individual but universal. Think about the times you might’ve bonded with someone over a particular game that you both found unforgettable. That’s the simple beauty and power that sports can provide. Also hating on the San Francisco 49ers should become a national pastime as well.

In May, TST’s very own Kenneth Arthur posed a question to readers asking them when they became a Rams fan. I’m going to build off that question by asking the Turf Show Ramily what their favorite Rams games of all-time are. What is the game that further solidified your love for the team? This can be from any chapter of Rams history. Although just to warn you, anything from 2007-16 might be too painful to revisit.

The Sean McVay era alone has provided plenty of classic finishes. LA’s 2018 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs tends to be a common favorite as it’s considered one of the greatest regular season games in NFL history.

Another game that comes to mind at least for me is the 2021 Divisional Round matchup in Tampa. If any Buccaneers fans are reading this post for whatever reason, you might want to look away. Viewer discretion is advised.

Gosh, that clip never gets old. But enough about me because now is your turn. What is your favorite Rams game of all-time and why? Drop a game in the comments. We can’t wait to see your picks!