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Rams fans open thread: What’s your other favorite sport?

NBA? MLB? Soccer?

2023 Denver Nuggets Championship Parade Photo by Ben Swanson/NBAE via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams have over a month to go before the start of 2023 training camp, which in itself is only something to tide fans over until the preseason, and then the start of the regular season in September. So we still have a little less than three months to go until actual football games.

For me, nothing fills in the role of being a fan of the NFL. I’m not even a fan of college football. I am a professional football fan and follow no other sports.

But I know that makes me an outlier.

Nobody I know is only a fan of one sport and one league within that sport. So what would you consider your next favorite sport? Basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, cricket, Australian Rules Football, and other? The NFL may not even be your favorite sport to follow, as it is mine, so what would be your favorite?

Talk about what other sports are getting you through the long NFL offseason and perhaps what your favorite sport is, if not pro football? Your second favorite team, besides the Rams? Let us know in the comments!