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The Rams should explore reuniting with an old friend

After restructuring Cooper Kupp’s contract, the Rams have some flexibility

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

On Wednesday, June 14th, the Los Angeles Rams made a move, as the team restructured star wide receiver Cooper Kupp’s contract. The restructure turned $13.92 million of Kupp’s salary into signing bonus, which ultimately resulted in $10.44 million in cap space for the squad.

Now, this move does not mean that the team is looking into adding more to the roster, it could mean they just want some flexibility if some injuries occur at key spots and they need to sign someone to fill the void. But, in my eyes, the Rams should use this additional space to improve their roster heading into training camp, and the man I think they should bring in is none other than Marcus Peters.

Peters, who was a member of the Rams from 2018-2019, is a 30-year old corner who has amassed a whopping 32 interceptions in the span of his 8-year career (really 7-year career due to missing all of 2021 with an ACL injury). However, the productivity is not the main reason the Rams should bring Peters back, it is more so the experience Peters has in the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Let’s face it, the Rams defense is incredibly young, especially in the secondary. Following the trade of Jalen Ramsey earlier this year, the group has been left without a veteran presence. Cobie Durant is probably who the corners, in particular, will look to as their leader, but Durant is entering just his second year in the NFL and may not be ready to settle into that sort of role just yet. And, honestly, it is a little much to expect of someone at such an early stage of their playing career.

Marcus Peters would not only bring his veteran presence and proven track record, he would also bring an absurd amount of confidence and swagger, something the team has always had since Sean McVay took over back in 2017 (Trumaine Johnson, Marcus Peters/Aquib Talib, Jalen Ramsey). In a position group as important as cornerback has become in terms of a unit finding success, confidence and leadership is extremely vital.

Los Angeles Rams v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The fact that Peters has not been signed yet is a good sign for the Rams if they are looking to get him for a 1-2 year team-friendly contract that could end up benefiting both sides tremendously. Peters has been declining a little bit in terms of overall production, but that is expected at his position. Nevertheless, Peters would come onto the Rams roster as the second-best corner AT THE VERY LEAST, and there is a legit argument that he would be CB1 the day he inked that contract.

If the Rams head into the season with the corners they have at the moment, it WILL lead to some very frustrating moments all season long. I have nothing against Derion Kendrick or Robert Rochelle, I just feel like they may not have what it takes to be starting-caliber cornerbacks in the NFL given some of the things they’ve put on tape. If I’m the Rams, I’m taking a serious look at reuniting with Marcus Peters.