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5 Rams primetime games everyone wants to see ... and 3 nobody does

Which Rams games in 2023 do we want to see in primetime?

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The NFL schedule is set to be released on Thursday. Since arriving in Southern California, the Los Angeles Rams have consistently been featured in primetime games. Even coming off a bad year and heading into a transition year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Rams play two or three primetime games this season.

With that said, every year there are games everyone wants to see in primetime and instead we get the Houston Texans taking on the Indianapolis Colts. We still watch, but we aren’t necessarily happy about it. Here are five primetime games for the Rams that everyone wants to see and three more that should be left alone.

5 Rams Primetime Games Everyone Wants to See

1. Cincinnati Bengals

We have to get a rematch of Super Bowl LVI in primetime, right? A lot has changed since these two teams played 18 months ago for the right to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. The Bengals are one of the best teams in the AFC while the Rams are in a transition year. That game was played at SoFi Stadium and this one would be in Cincinnati. Let’s hope this is played early in the season in September or October and not December or January when the weather could take away from a good game.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

In 1980, the Rams played the Steelers at the Rose Bowl and led 19-17 going into the final quarter. The Steelers scored 14 unanswered and went on to win Super Bowl XIV. Fast forward to 2023 and we get the Allen Robinson revenge game. Kenny Pickett vs. Matthew Stafford won’t catch a lot of eyes, but Aaron Donald and TJ Watt certainly will. Mike Tomlin and Sean McVay are also two of the best coaches in the NFL. The Rams haven’t beaten the Steelers since 2003. This could be a fun game under the lights at SoFi Stadium.

3. Seattle Seahawks

The Rams came up just short last season in overtime in the season finale and then lost on a final drive a few weeks before that. These two division rivals are always playing an exciting game that comes down to the wire and that’s what you want in primetime on Thursday Night Football. Rams-49ers might make for better ratings with the Northern California-Southern California rivalry. However, Rams and Seahawks makes for a better game.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The last two NFC champions are sure to bring in the viewers in primetime. Despite that fact, these two teams are in very different places. The Eagles are seen as the favorites in the NFC while the Rams could be playing for a top-5 pick. Still, as we saw last year, the Super Bowl hangover is very real. I wouldn’t count out Stafford and McVay to pull off an upset.

5. Dallas Cowboys

In this game you get two of the best defensive players in the NFL in Aaron Donald and Micah Parsons. There’s no Jalen Ramsey vs. Cee Dee Lamb this time around, but that just means more points. This game has potential to be an offensive shootout at Jerry World and everyone would love to see that.

3 Rams Primetime Games Nobody Wants

1. Green Bay Packers

We’ve seen this story played over and over the last few seasons. These two teams played last December at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football. The year before, they played at Lambeau late in the afternoon in the cold in mid-November. This was after playing them at Lambeau in the playoffs in 2020. No Aaron Rodgers should help keeping this game off of primetime. Hopefully, this is played in the early game slot hidden away and we’ll cross our fingers for September.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Nobody likes to get beaten by a division rival, let alone in primetime. Let’s face some facts here. The 49ers are probably the NFC’s second-best team behind the Eagles heading into the 2023 season. Meanwhile, the Rams are considered one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Rams haven’t had a lot of success against the 49ers in recent years outside of the NFC Championship game. Let’s keep these two teams off of primetime until 2024 when the Rams are competing once again.

3. Washington Commanders

There is a storyline here with Sean McVay going up against his old team. While unlikely, this would seem like the perfect game to throw on Thursday Night Football. Outside of that, there just isn't a lot that grabs the attention of the viewer. The Commanders are hanging around mediocrity with Ron Rivera and could be starting Sam Howell at quarterback. We don’t need that on national television. The only way I’ll agree to this game being played on primetime is if Chase Young gets left behind in the Rams locker room.