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L.A. 1, L.A. 2, or St. Louis: When did you become a Rams fan?

Rams fans come from all over the country and all over the globe: What’s your story?

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The Rams, in any of the cities in which the franchise has resided in since 1937’s inaugural season, have always been one of the most important and storied football teams in the history of the professional game. Whether it be as the first pro team to move to the west coast in 1946, breaking the NFL’s color barrier that same year, winning a Super Bowl in St. Louis in 1999, or to win another Super Bowl back in Los Angeles in 2021, the Rams have a long, rich, and integral history.

And somewhere along the way, YOU entered the picture too. Otherwise, what are you doing here reading this sentence?

The Rams won their first pro championship in 1945 as the Cleveland Rams with Hall of Fame quarterback Bob Waterfield, then moved to Waterfield’s home city of Los Angeles the next year. They won a championship again in 1951, but wouldn’t get to the Super Bowl until 1979, ending a Cinderella season with a loss to the Steelers. The Rams moved again in 1994, this time to St. Louis, and five years later “The Greatest Show on Turf” with Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk became one of the most influential and successful teams of all-time.

Despite disappointing championship losses in 2001 and 2018, the Rams have still made the Super Bowl four times in the last 24 years, a remarkable achievement for any franchise but especially one that moved again—back to L.A.—in 2016.

Not all times for the Rams have been good, especially if we’re counting between 2007 and 2016, but the franchise has done more than enough to earn countless fans all over the country and the globe, including YOU.

Whether you fell in love with the Rams during their initial L.A. run, when they resided in the midwest, or back in their second SoCal quest over the past six seasons, you’ve made it here. We want to know when exactly you first became a Rams fan because I know that your story is going to be unique and it will definitely span from coast to coast, if not across borders.

Share the season in which you first started watching the Rams in the comments and if you want to, whether you live in Los Angeles or far, far away. We’d love to hear your personal Rams story and bridge those gaps between L.A., St. Louis, and L.A..