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Does UDFA Rashad Torrence have the best shot to make Rams roster?

TDN analyst says Rashad Torrence has good chance of making Rams roster

NFL: MAY 23 Los Angeles Rams OTA Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If one this is for certain this offseason is that there will be plenty of opportunity on the Los Angeles Rams roster. That’s especially the case when it comes to young players on the roster and undrafted free agents. The Rams signed over 20 undrafted free agents following the NFL Draft. While not all of them will make the roster and some will be just camp bodies, there’s a good chance that a handful end up on the final 53-man roster.

There’s especially a lot of opportunity at the safety position. Because of this, The Draft Network’s Justin Melo says that safety Rashad Torrence II out of Florida has a good chance to make the Rams final roster. Here’s what Melo had to say about the Rams undrafted free agents and Torrence in particular,

“Former Florida safety Rashad Torrence II is the standout among the group. Torrence could play himself into a significant year-one role...Torrence was a versatile playmaker at Florida, lining up at several different positions. He especially thrived when playing as a deep safety. Seeing the offensive action develop from a bird’s-eye view allowed Torrence to come downhill and make a bunch of tackles in the box. Football IQ and play recognition led to three interceptions for Torrence. He also proved capable of covering tight ends in man-coverage scenarios...In Raheem Morris’ defense, Torrence best projects to play near the line of scrimmage due to his limited athletic profile. It’s a role Torrence can carve a successful career out of. Write off Torrence at your own peril...The Rams’ depth chart is completely barren of proven talent at the safety position. It’s headed for an equal-opportunity summer with a may-the-best-man-win approach. Torrence possesses an opportunity to start for the Rams this season.”

Outside of Jordan Fuller and Russ Yeast, nothing is guaranteed at the safety position this offseason. Quentin Lake was a sixth-round pick last year, but his spot on the roster isn’t guaranteed. The Rams did draft Jason Taylor II, but as a late-round pick as well. If an undrafted free agent such as Torrence can prove himself during training camp, they can certainly sneak their way onto the roster.

Coming from Florida, Torrence II is a flashy name, but Quindell Johnson is another undrafted player at safety who shouldn’t be overlooked.

Between players like Fuller, Nick Scott, and others, the Rams have done a great job at developing late-round talent at the safety position in the past. Torrence could be the latest name in that group if he can stand out during training camp and the preseason.