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Rams were one of the teams to vote in favor of Thursday Night flex scheduling

The Rams were one of 24 teams to vote in favor of Thursday Night flex scheduling

NFL: DEC 08 Raiders at Rams Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL has approved flex scheduling for Thursday Night Football in 2023. The rule got passed by a vote of 24-8 with the Los Angeles Rams being one of the 24 teams to vote in favor of the rule.

The NFL has never had flex scheduling due to the schedule implications for both the teams and fans traveling. That will not be the case next season. There are some restrictions on the rule as it only applies to Weeks 13-17 and there’s a maximum of two flexes per season. The NFL will also be requiring 28 days notice.

There have been some bad Thursday Night games in the past and this allows the NFL to call an audible if needed and put up a more interesting game. With all of the stipulations to the rule, the Thursday Night flex will rarely come into play, but it will be an option.

It’s also worth noting that this new rule is only going to open the floodgates. Right now, it’s only Week 13-17, but it wouldn’t be surprising if that gets expanded in the future with the maximum games flexed also increasing. When given a foot, the NFL typically takes a mile.

This new rule could effect the Rams this season as well. They are set to play one of their two primetime games on Thursday Night Football. The Rams will play the New Orleans Saints in Week 16. There aren’t a lot of good Week 16 games that standout at this point, but it will be a situation to watch.

It will be interesting to see how this new rule change is taken by players and fans. The NFLPA was against it. The message here is clear. Don’t purchase your tickets too early and certainly wait to confirm your travels plans until the game is locked on the schedule.