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Former HC Mike Martz believes Rams’ offense will be among league’s most improved

Martz might know something the rest of us don’t

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2004 NFL: San Franisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams Dilip Vishwanat-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of question marks surrounding the Los Angeles Rams heading into the 2023 season. Much of the discussion has centered around whether the team will improve upon their dismal record last year. After all the veteran departures this offseason, very few pundits believe in LA. However, former Head Coach Mike Martz seems to be a believer in the Rams’ remodel.

Before anyone calls Martz out for being a Looney Tune, at least hear the guy out first. His reasoning for LA’s return to offensive greatness is relatively simple and isn’t as crazy as it seems. In an article for 33rd Team, Martz had this to say about his former team:

“The Los Angeles Rams were dead last in the league on offense for many reasons: injuries to their offensive line, WR Cooper Kupp and QB Matthew Stafford.

If they stay healthy, repair that offensive line a bit, continue to run the ball effectively and keep the pressure off that passing game, they’ll make a move offensively.

I think they’ll be in the upper half of the teams in the league. And that’s a big jump from where they were this past season.”

Again, his reasoning isn’t as far-fetched as fans will make it out to be. Similar to Martz, I’m also a believer in LA’s chances in bouncing back from a disappointing 5-12 campaign. Do I expect them to make the playoffs? Depends on how they fare with their opening slate. I will say that I expect them to make a run for the postseason at the very least. There’s no way that I anticipate a second-straight Sean McVay-coached team to falter in the face of adversity.

Either Martz is simply blowing smoke or he knows something the rest of the league doesn’t regarding the Rams. The core trio of Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald are back for another year after each missed extensive time in ‘22. Stafford is one of the most clutch signal callers in the sport. Donald and Kupp each made the top-10 of PFF’s rankings of the top 30 players over the age of 30. We obviously know what all AD can do when fully healthy but mostly everyone has forgotten about Kupp ever since he went down last season.

LA’s return to offensive relevance all hinges on whether their core and especially their offensive line can stay healthy. Stafford and Kupp are likely going to have to carry the load while Donald helps a young defense find their way. Everyone has been sleeping on the Rams this offseason. Some of it has been justified due to all the departures but Mike Martz knows what this team is capable of when the lights shine brightest. If he’s correct, glory will find its way back to Los Angeles soon enough.