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Top-10 plays in Rams franchise history

Mike Jones “Tackle” is No. 1, but Cooper Kupp fills up top-10 list


The NFL is littered with breath-taking moments and the Los Angeles Rams certainly do not lack in that department. In the franchise’s 85 years, Hall of Fame players, legends, and current superstars have given fans memories of iconic plays that remain engrained in our minds. From regular season contests to the biggest stage, here are the top-10 plays in the Rams franchise history.

Honorable Mention: Marshall Faulk’s 33-yard TD run vs. Cleveland Browns

Okay, so a 12th entry was warranted. Not including Marshall Faulk would have felt like a cardinal sin. Faulk dazzled fans with his elusiveness and there are not many plays that show off his skill set than his 33-yard TD run vs. the Cleveland Browns. Even to this day, teammates and coaches rave over this play and the running back’s unparalleled ability.

Honorable Mention: Torry Holt’s juggling 67-yard TD vs. Seattle Seahawks

Similar to Faulk, Torry Holt never left an NFL field without wow’ing spectators. In 2006 against the Seattle Seahawks, Marc Bulger connected with Torry Holt on a 67-yard touchdown. The play gave the Rams the lead, but the moment further exemplified Holt’s natural ability and concentration level. Despite tight coverage from Michael Boulware, Holt juggled the football and outran Lofa Tatupa for the go-ahead score.

10. Greg Zuerlein’s 57-yard field goal at Superdome

In the 2018 NFC Championship game, the Rams fell behind early 13-0 to the New Orleans Saints. After clawing their way back, Greg Zuerlein nailed a 48-yard field goal to tie the game and force overtime. Even though the Saints got the ball first in overtime, John Johnson III picked off a wobbly Drew Brees pass. Five plays later, Sean McVay sent out his special teams unit for a 57-yard field goal attempt. Greg Zuerlein drilled the kick and sent the Rams to their first Super Bowl in the Sean McVay era.

9. Cooper Kupp’s third down conversion in 2021 NFC Championship

Cooper Kupp’s name appears on this list a number of times. It’s because of his knack for clutch plays in big moments. During the 2021 Super Bowl run, Kupp gave Los Angeles fans a number of memorable moments. One of those was his 3rd & 3 conversion with 4:00 left in the fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. The superstar wide receiver understood the significance of the play, flexing and letting out a roar at the end. The play allowed LA to kick a game winning field goal and punch their ticket to Super Bowl LVI.

8. Flipper Anderson walk off touchdown in ‘89 Divisional Round

The Rams had failed to get past the divisional round over a 10-year span. When the Rams advanced to the division round in ‘89 against the New York Giants, they were just 3-6 in the playoffs since their loss in the Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But that all changed when Jim Everett hit Flipper Anderson in stride for an overtime win. Anderson only had two catches in the game, but both were touchdowns in the Rams 19-13 road upset.

7. Sean McVay’s gutsy 4th down call in Super Bowl LVI

There were multiple heroes in the LA Rams final drive of Super Bowl 56. Before the Rams scored the go-ahead touchdown on a 15-play drive, they had to convert a 4th & 1 scenario at their own 30. McVay opted for a jet sweep to Cooper Kupp, who avoided Von Bell and picked up seven yards. Brycen Hopkins threw a key block on Sam Hubbard to successfully execute the pivotal play.

6. Ferragamo to Waddy in 1979 Divisional playoff

Before Matthew Stafford was executing no look throws, there was Vince Ferragamo. Losing 19-14 to the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth quarter of 1979 divisional round, Ferragamo hit Billy Waddy in stride for a 50-yard game winning score. Vin Scully with the call makes it even better.

5. Ricky Proehl catches NFC Championship game winner

In the 1999 season, Ricky Proehl had failed to catch any touchdown receptions. That did not deter Kurt Warner from trusting his fourth option in the pass game with 5:00 left in the fourth quarter down 6-5 against a stingy Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense. Proehl hauled in the 30-yard pass and sent the Rams to Super Bowl XXXIV.

4. Warner’s rainbow to Isaac Bruce in Super Bowl XXXIV

After leading 16-0 in Super Bowl 34, the Rams found themselves in a tie game when Jeff Fisher’s Tennessee Titans came storming back. With 2:12 left in the game, the Rams got the ball back after Al Del Greco tied the game with a 43-yard field goal. On the first play of the drive, Kurt Warner opted to go deep along the Rams sideline. Titans defensive lineman Jevon Kearse hit Warner as he threw which left the quarterback’s throw short. Isaac Bruce adjusted to the throw and raced to the endzone for a 73-yard go ahead touchdown.

3. Stafford no-look pass to Kupp in Super Bowl LVI

The Los Angeles Rams offense looked explosive in the first half of Super Bowl LVI. But after an injury to Odell Beckham Jr, LA’s offense was unable to move the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals defense. Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp took matters into their own hands on the team’s final drive. Everyone in SoFi Stadium and those tuned into NBC knew Kupp would be Stafford’s go-to option. But the breakfast club pair were just too good. Stafford drew Von Bell from the middle of the field by averting his eyes, leaving Cooper Kupp open across the middle. The 2nd & 7 was considered one of the most clutch plays of the Super Bowl.

2. “For the Love of the Game”

This is the kind of play the defines the game of football. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came storming back to tie the game 27-27 with less than 45 seconds left in the game. LA opted to drive downfield, hoping to avoid giving the ball back to Tom Brady in overtime. After connecting with Kupp on a 20-yard pass along the sideline, the Bucs defense and communication broke down on the next play. On a zero-coverage blitz, Stafford saw a streaking Kupp beat Antoine Winfield Jr down the middle of the field. With Ndamukong Suh bearing down on him, Stafford floated a pass, allowing Kupp to haul in the 44-yard grab. The play has been described as the “For the Love of the Game” play because Kupp’s job is to clear out the safety in order for Stafford to have his first or second read. But due to TB’s miscommunication, Kupp caught the pass that he is targeted on in less than 1% of the time. On the next play, Matt Gay nailed a 30-yard field goal to send the Rams to the NFC Championship.

1. “The Tackle”

A franchise will never forget their first Lombardi. Such was the case when the St. Louis Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV against the Tennessee Titans. At the Rams 10 yard line, Steve McNair connected with Kevin Dyson on a short crosser. But linebacker Mike Jones was in position to make a play on the speedy wide receiver, stopping him one yard short of the endzone as the game clock hit 0:00.

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