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Matthew Stafford hasn’t gone anywhere, still #2 in this important ranking

Yes haters, Stafford is still clutch

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford has been the subject of plenty of hate for his entire career. That’s what playing for the Lions will do to a man’s career. The hate was never going to stop even if he won a Super Bowl. Now that he has, the disrespect has only gotten louder ever since he won a ring.

How is that freaking possible?!

Earlier this week on Good Morning Football, NFL Network analyst Peter Schrager complied a list of the most clutch signal callers in the league. His placement of Stafford shouldn’t come as a surprise to those residing in Southern California.

Schrager received lots of hate on social media for his list and most notably, his placement of LA’s QB1. Instead of backing down, the analyst stood his ground and doubled down on his take. Give this man an honorary ring already!

How is this even an argument still? Why is Stafford such a polarizing figure across the league? Oh right, the Lions. Silly me how could I forget? No one else has. Maybe everyone forgot that Stafford and Calvin Johnson were the sole reasons Detroit was halfway relevant from 2011-21.

Stafford has been criticized for everything from his knack of throwing bad picks to contributing to an inconsistent run game. I’m not saying the criticism isn’t warranted. It’s been absolutely justified in some instances. The dropped interception in the NFC Championship would’ve resulted in yet another win for the 49ers. Also, there was no need for Stafford to go for glory near the end of the first half of Super Bowl LVI. LA was driving with two timeouts remaining and had a chance to get closer to picking up the first if the Georgia product wasn’t picked off.

Despite those questionable decisions, Matthew Stafford has always been that guy. Yes, even in the midst of all that losing in Detroit. Since being selected first overall in 2009, Stafford has been one of the most clutch QBs in the league. So you’re telling me Mr. Schrager might’ve been right?

During the team’s title run, Stafford led a game-winning in three-straight games against the Bucs, 49ers and Bengals. He kept feeding his top play maker Cooper Kupp regardless of all the turmoil around him. LA didn’t have a run game, OBJ, Tyler Higbee or Robert Woods and still defied the odds to hold off Cincy. That sure wasn’t very clutch of him. In the last three seasons, that’s just what the Rams’ quarterback does in tight games.

As for the rest of Schrager’s list, Patrick Mahomes deserves the top spot. Anyone who watched last season’s Super Bowl could see that. Joe Burrow was on the losing end of the title game against Stafford but has been remarkable in his brief time with the Bengals. Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers are similarly polarizing, just not to the degree of Stafford.

Rodgers hasn’t returned to the Super Bowl since the 2010 season. He’s not the main reason Green Bay hasn’t been back. The Packers were on the unlucky end of some of those playoff games. There’s data out there that even suggests Rodgers has outperformed Tom Brady in certain playoff metrics. Yet, there’s a reason Brady has his seven rings while A-Rod stayed on the couch last January.

Allen has been compared to Mahomes in a lot of ways aside from his playoff resume. The Wyoming product holds many similarities with Stafford in that he awes fans while committing some costly turnovers. The ending of the Bills game against Minnesota last year is a prime example. Allen is a one man show because his team has never had a strong ground attack.

Again, the comparisons between him and Stafford are glaring. However, Allen won’t receive blame for his team’s lack of a running game. The reason is simple because the media loves Josh Allen and hates Matthew Stafford.

Argue with the list all you want haters but Stafford continues to be an elite signal caller. I could show them all the facts and they would throw their own retorts right back in my face. There’s no arguing with a hater as they’ll always have evidence to back up their asinine beliefs. Thank goodness this isn’t a political post.

LA desperately needs a clutch Stafford to led the Rams back to glory. Stafford has had plenty of time to get healthy after missing most of last season. If he can return to his ‘21 form, he’ll deserve every bit of respect coming his way.