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Sean McVay offered an update on Matthew Stafford this week

The Rams are hopeful that Stafford can be the beacon of hope at quarterback

Rams training camp in Irvine, CA.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay offered an update this week on Matthew Stafford while talking to SiriusXM NFL Radio and the news seems mostly good. Here’s what he had to say and what each of his statements could mean for Stafford’s 2023 season.

You can watch the video, and read a bit of a breakdown on what he said about his quarterback below.

“I think just the competitor that he is, he loves the game, and he loves to go compete.”

LA’s quarterback loves football and loves to compete.

“Look at some of the things he had to navigate through last year, he’s ready to come back and respond.”

Stafford went through a number of injuries last year and throughout his career. We’ll see if he can start this new season healthier than how it ended last season.

“He elevates everybody that he’s around.”

Stafford certainly can elevate the players around him.

“First offseason in a long time that’s he’s actually feeling good. He’s been able to throw. He’s been able to kinda start his rhythm and routine a little bit earlier than previous years.”

Stafford may be entering this season as physically healthy and as mentally refreshed as he’s been in the last number of seasons.

“He’s got a good look in his eye and I’m glad he’s leading the way for us.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Stafford is as healthy as the Rams seem to saying that he is.

Any thoughts on this latest update from McVay about Stafford and the team?