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Colts owner: ‘You have to be careful’ to not do what the Rams did

Is Jim Irsay right about the Rams?

Jim Irsay Collection & Concert At Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images

A few years ago, many in the media were praising the Indianapolis Colts for their “great draft picks” and “smart decisions”, first by general manager Ryan Grigson is the first half of the 2010s, then by his replacement Chris Ballard. As of now, the Colts are coming off of a 4-12-1 season, hold the fourth overall pick, fired their head coach (and replaced him with a retired center for the rest of the season), and they are presently set to start Gardner Minshew at quarterback.

When it comes to giving advice on running a football team, I don’t know if I’d put Colts owner Jim Irsay in my top-32.

He fell backwards into Peyton Manning, backwards into Andrew Luck, and that’s the only reason Indianapolis had any success from 1999 to 2018. Since Luck’s surprise retirement though, the Colts have gone 31-34 and 0-1 in the playoffs. They have had seven starting QBs start the last four years and will have another next season: Will that be Lamar Jackson? Minshew? Anthony Richardson? Will Levis?

It’s hard to dig out of a hole deeper than what Indy is in right now, but as shared by Peter King, Irsay doesn’t seem to think that his situation is as bad as the L.A. Rams. That team that won a Super Bowl 14 months ago. (Manning gifted Irsay a Super Bowl over Rex Grossman’s Bears 17 years ago.) Irsay had this to say about the Rams mortgaging their future for a Super Bowl win:

“There was an article recently saying the Rams mortgaged their future and now they’re paying for it after they won the Super Bowl and had all that success, with the draft picks not being there. To me, that’s what you have to be careful about.”

It’s true that the Rams don’t hold the sixth overall pick this year. It’s true that the Colts could even potentially draft a good young franchise QB this year, although they might end up getting QB4 at fourth overall, typically not a spot where teams find great talent in a positional class like this one.

It’s also true that the Colts have been to the playoffs twice in the last eight years, getting one win in that time: a 21-7 wild card victory over the Texans.

Who has to be more careful, I wonder?