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Rams trade back twice in third round of 2023 NFL Draft

L.A.’s first move back, but not their last

NFL Combine - Day 2

The Los Angeles Rams were set to make their second pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, but opted to trade back with the Houston Texans. Their second pick goes from 69th overall to 73rd overall after the move.

The Rams swapped pick 191 for 161 with the move.

Moments later, the Giants traded picks 89 and 128 to the Rams for pick 73. It gives L.A. their only fourth round pick and the wait on day three won’t be as long. Snead now has 12 total picks.

The Rams selected guard/center Steve Avila out of TCU in the second round with the 36th overall pick.

By moving up, the Houston Texans selected receiver Tank Dell, a player who they clearly felt they had to have. The Texans have been the most aggressive team in trading up in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Rams have many draft picks already, 11 in total, but also many needs and they don’t have any picks in the fourth round and they won’t pick until the compensatory section of the fifth round when day three begins. So Les Snead was looking at a long break between picks in the third round and fifth round.

The Rams will be on the clock at 77th, 89th to close the third round.