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Rams tease new uniforms, colors, or both to drop on Tuesday

Is the Rams’ Twitter account teasing a new uniform?

Are the Los Angeles Rams debuting new uniforms on Tuesday? As written by the teams official Twitter account with a “4/25” date attached, “Something’s cookin’.” The release could be related to colors or throwback jerseys, as has been a popular request from NFL fans lately. The Arizona Cardinals recently dropped new uniforms to a predictably tepid response, but the Rams are not far behind in drumming up attention for something at a time when there hasn’t been much else to be hyped about in the offseason.

Interestingly, the tweet mentions “something’s cookin’” with a van that has smoke pouring out the top, which a Twitter reply smartly mentions looks like a similar image you can find for cooking meth in Breaking Bad. So...Meth?

There are a few things to note in the picture they posted. 1. It seems as though the vehicle is some sort of hint, as it looks like a van from around the 60s-70s. 2. The date above says 4/25, meaning Rams fans won’t have to wait long to figure out what they are teasing. And 3. there seems to be smoke with the L.A. Rams current colors coming out of the vehicle, which either indicates they will be the same colors, or there is some sort of infusion going on.

Back when the Rams underwent a rebrand in 2020, COO Kevin Demoff alluded to a series of new uniforms dropping thoguhout 2020-2022, however the 2022 date got pushed back to “2023 or 2024”. Given the NFL’s recent rule change on the number of helmets a team is allowed to wear, it is fair to assume that the Rams will try to put that to use.

My guess for the next uniform is that they are going to go back to the Deacon Jones days, changing the helmet to a darker blue shade and making the horns white. An updated version of these uniforms could compete with some of the best uniforms in the NFL (even though the Rams already have the best with their “modern throwbacks):

Los Angeles Rams Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

What do you folks think? What is your guess if they are indeed teasing new uniforms? Comment below!