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Power ranking the NFC now that Aaron Rodgers has jetted out of Green Bay

Where do Rams land in rankings?

Syndication: PackersNews Mark Hoffman / USA TODAY NETWORK

At long last, it has officially happened. On Monday, the Green Bay Packers traded four-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets. Green Bay got quite the haul from New York in the trade.

With Rodgers jetting out of the NFC, the conference is sure to be weaker. Again, this should surprise absolutely no one. It’s been well over a month since A-Rod announced his intentions to play for the Jets on The Pat McAfee Show. We’ve already known ahead of time that the conference is nothing compared to the behemoth that is the AFC. If Rodgers struggled to return to the Super Bowl with the Packers, good luck making it out of that bloodbath alive.

I’ve said before that the Rams legitimately have a chance in the NFC with Aaron leaving. Not much of one but I wouldn’t rule anything out just yet. There is a long time until the season starts after all. With the Rodgers trade now in the rearview mirror and the NFL Draft on the horizon, I’m going to power rank all the NFC teams based on five tiers.

Super Bowl Favorites

1.) Philadelphia Eagles

Philly enters as the defending NFC champs so they’ve earned this spot just barely over the 49ers. The Eagles lost several key starters on defense yet this squad reloads better than anyone thanks to GM Howie Roseman. They’re in great shape heading into the draft and gave Jalen Hurts a massive new contract. No better time to capitalize on that return like the present.

2.) San Francisco 49ers

I wish I could say the recent quarterback turmoil will hurt this team severely but there’s zero chance of that happening. Stupid 49ers! Whether it’s Trey Lance, Sam Darnold or Brock Purdy with a robotic arm, San Francisco has one of the best rosters in football. They’ve made the last two NFC Championships and it would be no shock to see them in a third. Lord help the LA faithful if third time is the charm for them.

3.) Dallas Cowboys

Rejoice obnoxious Cowboys fans, you have a great team. Adding Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks has this team sitting pretty. Of course all that won’t mean a thing while they have Mike McCarthy and Texas-sized Kirk Cousins at the helm. But please, tell me again about your 90’s dynasty.

Playoff Hopefuls

4.) Detroit Lions

I’m very high on the Lions and I love what they’re building in the Motor City. Jared Goff is looking to build on a solid second season with the team and has solid weapons at his disposal. If I was a betting man, I’d pin this team as a dark horse conference favorite. Whoops, that might’ve been a poor choice of words.

5.) Seattle Seahawks

Seattle stunned the football world in making it to the playoffs while their former QB Russell Wilson fell off a cliff in Denver. The Seahawks hit on nearly every draft pick in 2022 and have enough ammo ready for another quality class. See what you’ve done Russ?!

6.) New York Giants

New York similar to Seattle made a playoff run absolutely no one expected. Daniel Jones still needs more weapons despite the team’s trade for Darren Waller. Although Jones might not take advantage as he’s a painfully average signal caller. Either way, the Giants will be in the hunt even if their record hovers around the same mark as last season.

7.) New Orleans Saints

New Orleans is in a strange spot. They have a solid enough team but it’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll be consistent enough to be a postseason contender. Derek Carr has an opportunity to return back to his 2016 form. If he does, the Saints will be higher on these rankings by the end of the season.

Close but no cigar

8.) Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings were the worst 13-win team in history last year. Their record in close games isn’t sustainable and I expect them to decline significantly in that area. Justin Jefferson can only do so much to carry this team. But that will still be enough to stay in the playoff hunt until December.

9.) Green Bay Packers

There’s way too many buts with this team and they traded their biggest one to New York. Fans clamoring for Jordan Love last season are finally getting their wish. He might have a strong defense to back him up or they’ll be cheese grated as they are every season. Love will be growing into the starting role along with second-year receivers Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson. Don’t underestimate that growth as the season rolls along.

10.) Chicago Bears

Chicago has had a nice offseason to date but so much more needs to be done for them to be taken seriously as playoff hopefuls. For once the Bears appear to have competent management and that’ll work wonders for Justin Fields. I see Chicago as a year away still. However, 8-9 wins isn’t much to ask in a weak conference. They’ll rip out a few hearts along the way.

11.) Los Angeles Rams

This might be way too generous for LA but hear me out. They still have Matthew Stafford and Aaron Donald under contract. I know that isn’t much but it should still account for something. The Rams might not make the playoffs but they’ll give everyone their best shot. That is what we in Hollywood call the Sean McVay special. Okay fine, it’s just me who calls it that.

Rest of the NFC South

12.) Carolina Panthers

Carolina nearly made the playoffs last season and should be better this season right? Wrong. There will be plenty of growing pains with a rookie signal caller and a young team trying to find their way. Cam Newton is looking for backup options so why not return back to the team that drafted him first overall? Oh wait, that’s one trilogy the Panthers aren’t interested in completing.

13.) Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons will either compete for a division title or finish near their division’s basement again. There’s zero in-between for this squad. They didn’t want Lamar Jackson so maybe they know something about Desmond Ridder that the rest of us don’t. If he doesn’t work out, Matt Ryan might be available for a reunion. Who’s excited?

14.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is gone...until he unretires and joins the Dolphins. There’s a bunch of old guys that remain on this roster. I love Baker Mayfield but he’s not the guy and he’ll only do so much in Tampa. It’ll be a painful transition in the bay. Join the club Bucs. Misery enjoys company.

LOL, you have no chance

15.) Washington Commanders

Sam Howell? Sam Howell?! Dan Snyder’s parting gift to Washington before he sells the team was mediocrity. Isn’t that what he’s gotten the team every year? Eh, that’ll be the next owner’s problem to fix. Riverboat Ron has done all he could with the cards he’s been dealt but I see the wheels completely falling off here.

16.) Arizona Cardinals

LA was bad last season but thank goodness the Cardinals were worse. New coaching staff along with a franchise quarterback sitting out with a torn-ACL is a recipe for disaster. It’s going to be a long, LOOOONG year in the desert for the Redbirds.