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Rams 2024 draft picks: How full is “the bucket” for next year?

L.A. set for unusually well-stocked class in 2024

NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams have not made a first round pick since trading up for Jared Goff in 2016. Without any deals this week, Rams general manager Les Snead will make it seven years in a row that L.A. didn’t make a pick on day one.

Not only does it appear that the L.A. Rams will make a first round pick in 2024, but Snead seems to have a full cupboard on day three again.

Before getting to the Rams 2023 draft (Full slate of selections here), let’s review what L.A. will have to work with in 2024 barring any trades. I will included projected compensatory picks because obviously the Rams are not going to sign any free agents who could offset these extra selections:

1st round

2nd round

3rd round

4th round

5th round

6th round

6th round (from DEN)

6th round (comp)

6th round (comp)

7th round (comp)

7th round (comp)

According to OvertheCap’s projections for 2024 comp picks, the Rams have a chance to get sixth round picks for Matt Gay and Baker Mayfield, plus seventh rounders for Nick Scott and Greg Gaines. A’Shawn Robinson has not signed yet and it would seem like teams are going to wait until the comp period is over and won’t count against their total when the NFL hands out compensatory selections.

It would be shocking at this point if L.A. signed anyone who could offset one of their comp picks.

The Rams swapped a seventh round pick for a sixth round pick when dealing Kenny Young to the Denver Broncos.

That makes for 11 total picks, including all their picks in rounds one through six. If the L.A. Rams decide to do anything “blockbuster-y” between now and the season, which I would find to be understandable at worst, like talking to teams about trades for Matthew Stafford (already rumored), Cooper Kupp, or Aaron Donald, then their 2024 pick haul will be dramatically different. It could include multiple picks on day one and within the second and third rounds.