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What kind of milestones could Cooper Kupp reach in 2023?

Kupp has been working his way into the team record books

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

With Tuesday’s trade of Allen Robinson to the Steelers, Cooper Kupp is expected to carry much of the load for the Los Angeles Rams in 2023. Robinson’s exit wasn’t unexpected as the Rams have been unloading pricy veterans all offseason. With a receiving room already littered with question marks, Kupp is the most reliable contributor heading into the new season.

I would certainly hope LA is scouting out all possible pass catchers as that group alone won’t help Matthew Stafford rebound. The offense shouldn’t have to be centered around one guy. Yet here we are again with Coop who will certainly be expected to carry the unit once more as the youngsters work through growing pains. LA’s offense last year stagnated if Kupp wasn’t targeted and got even worse once he missed the final eight games to injury.

It’s unacceptable that Kupp was out for at least half the year and still led the team in receiving. There were other factors like O-line and lack of quality quarterback play that contributed to those issues. Either way, that also can be attributed to the lack of depth on the roster which obviously needs to be addressed in the draft.

Until then, it’s the Cooper Kupp show in Los Angeles. Unless he is traded on draft day which (knock on wood) better not happen or LA should just punt on the season. There will always be debates as to where Kupp belongs on the list on top receivers. In my personal opinion, which doesn’t normally count for much, he’s still at the top. Not to dwell on the past too much, but he is a year removed from a historic campaign. Shocking to see what short memories fans and analysts across the league have.

In a game last October at SoFi, Kupp went over 6,000 career receiving yards on a 75-yard touchdown against the Cowboys. Then against Tampa Bay, he became just the fourth player in Rams history to amass 500 career receptions.

When taking a glance at the history books, Kupp sits just behind Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt and Henry Ellard in career receiving yards, receptions and touchdowns. Pretty elite company after six professional seasons...and he’s only going up! With at least 85 receptions and three touchdowns, Coop will move past Ellard for third all-time in those categories. He’s got a ways to go before passing him in yardage though. Try 3,432 yards worth.

The best Kupp will probably be in Rams lore will be third if he continues this pace. Double his yardage total and it’s still less than half of Holt’s 12,660 in 158 games played. Isaac Bruce is in a class of his own. Bruce’s production isn’t Jerry Rice unbreakable but Kupp would have to play for a while longer if he ever hopes to approach it.

There’s no shame in that either. Being one of the best receivers in your respective team’s history is no easy feat. It’s hard to step back and appreciate greatness until it’s passed us by. Cooper Kupp is elite each and every week and it has to be a joy to watch unfold. Such a shame that most other fanbases have probably forgotten it by now.