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Random Ramsdom: Who won the Allen Robinson trade?

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 4/19/23

Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Steelers, Rams trade grades: Pittsburgh finalizing deal to acquire Allen Robinson, per report (CBSSports)

“The Pittsburgh Steelers are nearing a trade with the Los Angeles Rams that will land them veteran wide receiver Allen Robinson, according to NFL Media. Robinson has been granted permission by the Rams to go through a physical with the Steelers medical staff. If Pittsburgh is comfortable with the results of the physical, Robinson will have himself a new team.

Robinson’s arrival comes after the 29-year-old was limited to 10 games with the Rams in 2022 due to a foot injury. He was officially placed on injured reserve in late November after it was discovered that he would need to undergo season-ending foot surgery. So, it appears Pittsburgh will largely be examining how Robinson’s foot has progressed before ultimately finalizing the trade.

The compensation heading back to Los Angeles is a seventh-round pick (No. 234). Meanwhile, Pittsburgh will get a seventh (No. 251) along with Robinson, per ESPN. The wideout signed a three-year, $46.5 million contract with the Rams just last offseason and is due $15.25 million in guaranteed money this coming season. ESPN notes that the Rams will pay $10.25 million of Robinson’s salary and the Steelers will pick up the remaining $5 million.”

This week in Rams draft prep: Quality control conversations with over-the-top scouts to further shape the board (

NFL Combine - Day 2

“After completing the NFL Scouting Combine medical re-checks at the back half of last week, it’s time for the Rams’ over-the-top scouts to enter the picture, sitting back down for a meeting to go over that newly-shaped board.

The over-the-top scouts have mostly been out of those coaches’ conversations, so now they’re looking for the holes in the board, as well as what they like, what they didn’t like that maybe they didn’t take into consideration. In other words, it’s a quality control dialogue with the top scouts.

The over-the-top scouts are also spending a significant amount of their time this month doing dig-deep assessments, talking to sources as well as the players themselves to produce information that will further manipulate the board. It’s also the first time the over-the-top scouts have sat down with the rest of the group in quite some time, since those scouts spend entire month of March doing a lot of isolated work after weekly meetings with the entire department from September through February.”

Rams QB Matthew Stafford Has High Expectations for RB Cam Akers (SportsIllustrated)

“Go back in time six months to tell Los Angeles Rams fans this past October that running Cam Akers would still be on the team by season’s end and they might chuckle at you. But who’s laughing now?

Not only is Akers still with the Rams despite all the trade drama and two-game absence of last season, but he’s set to be the starting running back for a team that will be seeing tons of familiar faces returning after an injury-riddled campaign. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is certainly one of the more notable names ready to hit the playing field again.

After already dealing with elbow tendinitis in August, Stafford’s season was cut short due to a worrisome spinal cord bruise and a concussion. But during his time on the sideline, he got to watch Akers close out the year on a high note with three straight 100-yard rushing games, which included a three-touchdown performance on Christmas Day against the Denver Broncos.”

Allen Robinson turned out to be one of Les Snead’s worst free-agent signings (RamsWire)

“As the Rams’ general manager, Les Snead has hit some home runs in free agency. Adding Andrew Whitworth and Robert Woods in 2017 set the foundation for the franchise’s turnaround. Adding Ndamukong Suh in 2018 helped them get to the Super Bowl. Signing Odell Beckham Jr. in 2021 – albeit, not during the offseason free agency period – helped them win it all two years ago.

Snead has also had some misses, including Courtland Finnegan and Jared Cook in his first two years at the helm. We can now add Allen Robinson to that list of free agency whiffs.”

As LA Rams roster descends, Rams dead cap money for 2023 balloons (RamblinFan)

“Even as the LA Rams roster continues to shrink , now down to 44 players, there is one thing that continues grow. No, I am not referring to optimism over the Rams chances in the 2023 NFL season. Nor am I referring to the expectation that the Rams offense will turn the corner and land among the top NFL offenses in the 2023 NFL season.

There are many fans who are applauding the recent trade of Allen Robinson to the Pittsburgh Steelers, a move that for all intents and purposes is the equivalent of a salary dump. Perhaps I’m a bit naive in my understanding of the complexities of the ins and outs of roster building. But here are a few thoughts:”