My Ideal 2nd & 3rd round mock draft

Round 2

32) Pittsburgh Steelers (from Chicago)- Myles Murphy, DL Clemson

A Big time player from Clemson, who unquestionably seems to be a perfect pick for the defensive based Steelers.

33) Houston Texans- Darnell Washington, TE Georgia

After selecting the most physically dominant QB prospect ever, along with the Uber explosive Zay Flowers, the Texans elect to triple down by selecting another top tier offensive body, effectively bringing elite strength & physicality to the door steps of the rest of the league.

34) Arizona Cardinals- Broderick Jones, OT Georgia

Cardinals need help in a lot of areas, but with Murray being injured last year & with their run game being completely stagnant, they look to add a player who can help the QB stay upright & also open up run lanes.

35) Indianapolis Colts- Tank Dell, WR Houston

After getting their QB of the future in Bryce Young, they give him an explosive WR that can work the middle & outside of the field. A great compliment to the bigger, more physical Michael Pittman.

36) Los Angeles Rams- Tuli Tuipulotu, Edge/DE USC

I know this isn’t the player that most Turfshowtimes fanatics would pick here, especially with McDonald, Ojulari & Uzomah still on the board, but I didn’t want to be redundant.. but I still think that Tuli Tuipulotu would be a great addition to this Rams defense. Tuli adds a strong, electric presence to our front 7 that should help the run defense and the pass rush, in turn giving the Rams what they’ve desperately been searching for from a high-pick draftee. He’s extremely active with his hands & takes advantage of every snap by going 266% on every single play. He’s exactly the kind of player that the Rams need on their team.

37) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)- John Michael-Schmitz, OL Minnesota

If it wasn’t for their OL playing so poorly against the 49ers, they could’ve been the team playing the Eagles in the NFC championship.

38) Las Vegas Raiders- Luke Musgrave, TE Oregon State

After trading Waller away to the Giants, Raiders make sure they bring in a high quality TE to take his place.

39) Carolina Panthers- Felix Anudike-Uzomah DE/Edge Kansas State

Burns & Uzomah would be a hell of a tandem for the Panthers. If they become even more disruptive against the passing games of the NFC, all while adding the QB to be their face of their franchise, then they should definitely be the team to run their division.

40) New Orleans Saints- Cam Smith, CB South Carolina

Saints add a 1st round level prospect to help keep the back side of their defense more stable.

41) Tennessee Titans- Darnell Wright, OT Tennessee

After releasing Taylor Lewan, the Titans select a high-end Tackle to help keep their new QB Levis upright.

42) New York Jets (from Cleveland)- Drew Sanders, LB Arkansas

The Jets add an electric LB that loves to rush the QB.. Only adding to the strength of the defensive led Jets.

43) New York Jets- Steve Avila, OL TCU

With Skoronski as their first pick, the Jets look to give Aaron Rodgers (They hope), another player to reward him enough time to still showcase his MVP abilities.

44) Atlanta Falcons- Will McDonald IV, Edge/DE Iowa State

With Jalen Carter & Will McDonald added to the front 4, the Falcons finally have the defense to compete in the NFC.

45) Green Bay Packers- Nolan Smith, Edge Georgia

Adding the hyper explosive player from powerhouse Georgia is too good to pass up for the Packers.

46) New England Patriots- Matthew Bergeron, OL Syracuse

After adding a physical, outside weapon in Johnston, they add a physical offensive tackle to hopefully make their offense a contender against the top teams.

47) Washington Commanders- Luke Schoonmaker, TE Michigan

The Redskins finally draft a TE early, after using a former QB as their starting TE over the last few years. Schoonmaker is a good receiver & a good blocker that should definitely help Howell(or whoever becomes the starter) excel.

48) Detroit Lions- Antonio Johnson, S Texas A&M

The Lions add another piece to keep building up their roster on the defensive side of the ball.

49) Pittsburgh Steelers- Cody Mauch, OL NDSU

  1. The Steelers OL has been below average recently & so has their offense as a whole.. here they use 2 out of their 3 picks to draft Offensive Lineman.

50) Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Bj Ojulari, Edge/DE LSU

The Bucs add a player to hopefully re-energize a defense that has regressed ever since winning the superbowl.

51) Miami Dolphins- Keion White, Edge/DE Georgia Tech

52) Seattle Seahawks- DJ Turner, CB Michigan

53) Chicago Bears (from Baltimore)- Joe Tippman, OL Wisconsin

54) Los Angeles Chargers- Marvin Mims Jr, WR Oklahoma

55) Detroit Lions (from Minnesota)- Zach Charbonnet, RB UCLA

56) Jacksonville Jaguars- Jordan Battle, S Alabama

57) New York Giants- Isaiah McGuire, Edge/DE Missouri

58) Dallas Cowboys- Cedric Tillman, WR Tennessee

59) Buffalo Bills- Trenton Simpson, LB Clemson

60) Cincinnati Bengals- Dawand James OT, Ohio State

61) Chicago Bears (from San Francisco through Carolina)- Derick Hall, Edge/DE Auburn

62) Philadelphia Eagles- Isaiah Foskey, Edge Notre Dame

63) Kansas City Chiefs- Eli Ricks, CB Alabama

Round 3

64) Chicago Bears- Julius Brents, CB Kansas State

65) Houston Texans- Siaki Ika, DT Baylor

66) Arizona Cardinals- Devon Achane, RB TX A&M

67) Denver Broncos (from Indianapolis)- Anton Harrison, OL Oklahoma

68) Denver Broncos- Emmanuel Forbes, CB Mississippi State

69) Los Angeles Rams- Clark Phillips III, CB Utah

A corner that has a lot of highlights making great plays on the ball. The Rams need to add players with ballhawk instincts, effectively leading them to field a defense that can consistently take the football away from opposing offenses.

70) Las Vegas Raiders- Hendon Hooker, QB Tennessee

71) New Orleans Saints- Trey Palmer, WR Nebraska

72) Tennessee Titans- Jayden Reed, WR Michigan State

73) Houston Texans (from Cleveland)- Andrew Vorhees, G USC

74) Cleveland Browns (from N.Y. Jets)- Sydney Brown, S Syracuse

75) Atlanta Falcons- Tyler Scott, WR Cincinnati

76) New England Patriots (from Carolina)- JL Skinner, S Boise State

77) Los Angeles Rams (from New England through Miami)- Zach Harrison, Edge/DE Ohio State

The Rams select another DE/Edge to go along with Tuli & AD.. He’s a player that forced a ton of fumbles throughout his college career. He’s a big, disruptive player that should turn the front 7 from a questionable one, to a unit that definitely should bring fear into the rest of the league.

78) Green Bay Packers- Keanu Benton, DL Wisconsin

79) Indianapolis Colts (from Washington)- Blake Freeland OT, BYU

80) Pittsburgh Steelers- Mike Morris, DL Michigan

81) Detroit Lions- Rashee Rice, WR SMU

82) Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jaelyn Duncan, OT Maryland

83) Seattle Seahawks- Byron Young, DL Alabama

84) Miami Dolphins- Tucker Kraft, TE South Dakota State

85) Los Angeles Chargers- Colby Wooden, Edge Auburn

86) Baltimore Ravens- Terrell Smith, CB Minnesota

87) Minnesota Vikings- Johnathan Mingo, WR Ole Miss

88) Jacksonville Jaguars- Jaquelin Roy, DL LSU

89) New York Giants- Daiyan Henley, LB Washington State

90) Dallas Cowboys- Zacch Pickens, DL South Carolina

91) Buffalo Bills- A.T Perry, WR Wake Forest

92) Cincinnati Bengals- Darius Rush, CB South Carolina

93) Carolina Panthers (from San Francisco)- Garrett Williams, CB Syracuse

94) Philadelphia Eagles- Tyrique Stevenson, CB Miami

95) Kansas City Chiefs- Kayshon Boutte, WR LSU

96) Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)- Jakorian Bennett, CB Maryland

97) Washington Commanders (Compensatory Selection)- Emil Ekiyor Jr, OL Alabama

98) Cleveland Browns (Special Compensatory Selection)- Jartavius Martin, S Illinois

99) San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)- Luke Wypler, OL Ohio State

100) Las Vegas Raiders from Kansas City Chiefs through New York Giants (Special Compensatory Selection)- Moro Ojomo, DL Texas

101) San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)- DJ Dale, DL Alabama

102) San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)- Tre Tucker, WR Cincinnati

I selected 3 defensive players with the first 3 picks, and in all honesty I think it might be the Rams’ best bet. This is a pretty deep draft when looking at just defensive players, so with injuries being the biggest disruption to the Rams’ offense last year, I truly feel that the Rams can go without drafting an offensive player early, & still be capable of maintaining a Super Bowl level offense.

What do you guys think of the Rams’ picks & all of the other picks in the draft as a whole?