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Random Ramsdom: Is LA looking to trade a few veteran players?

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 3/6/23

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

NFL Rumors: ESPN Insider touts LA Rams offloading veterans (ramblinfan)

“The plans for the LA Rams’ offseason have been a well-kept secret, but the NFL rumors over what the Rams’ plans might be this offseason are clear and recurring. The word is out that the LA Rams are fielding inquiries over a potential trade of star defensive back Jalen Ramsey. That is not what fans expected to hear. Some fans are in denial, refusing to believe the possibility exists, while others are angered at the entire idea, accusing anyone who relays the information of having less-than-admirable intentions and scruples.

All the while, the NFL rumors continue, and it’s the dark underside of the NFL that ultimately brings uncertainty and even a bit of fear to even the most fervent fans. It’s the nature of this business. The Rams’ rumors swirl around and around the concept of the LA Rams being willing to trade away their best defensive contributor, and that seems to go against the grain of logic over trying to make this team better and more competitive, doesn’t it?

NFL Insiders agree: NFL Rumors indicate Rams will trade Ramsey

Reputable NFL Insiders continue to weigh in on the topic and continue to push the idea that the Rams are in serious talks with other NFL teams right now. To further advance those NFL rumors, the latest ESPN article co-written by NFL Insider’s Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler has expanded the realm of LA Rams offseason moves. Such as? Well, now the idea is that the Rams could trade veteran DB Jalen Ramsey and also trade or release WR Allen Robinson:

That means that the LA Rams could be incredibly active this off-season. Is that a good thing? Perhaps we should look at it in terms of necessity. Right now, the depleted Rams roster needs to recharge, and the current array of NFL Rumors simply aligns with that current theme. So it’s not about good or bad, rather it’s about the timing and the act itself.”

Report: Allen Robinson is a potential trade candidate for Rams (ramswire)

“Fowler believes the Rams could look to “potentially unload multiple players,” not just Ramsey. And Robinson would be a “name of note” in those discussions after just one season with the Rams.

Watch for the Los Angeles Rams to potentially unload multiple players, not just cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Receiver Allen Robinson II is a name of note. His career-low 52 targets last season could prompt a desire for change, and the Rams are clearly shedding salary. With a weak free agent receiver class, Robinson’s $15.75 million in 2023 cash flow could be a reasonable clip for a new team.

Robinson just finished his first season with the Rams after signing as a free agent last March, and it was undoubtedly a disappointing one for the veteran wideout. He caught just 33 passes for 339 yards and three touchdowns, missing the final seven games due to injury.

It didn’t help that he got very little time to work with Matthew Stafford last summer due to the quarterback’s elbow injury, but Robinson struggled to get anything going all season.”

NFL Top-10 WRs: Where’s Rams’ Cooper Kupp? (fannation/ramsdigest)

“Los Angeles Rams receiver Cooper Kupp’s 2021 season was one of the greatest individual campaigns in NFL history, as he won Offensive Player of the Year after leading the league in receptions (145), receiving yards (1,947) and receiving touchdowns (16).

But Kupp’s follow-up season didn’t go as planned for Rams, who went 5-12 a year removed from winning the Super Bowl.

Kupp played in just nine games before suffering a high ankle sprain in Week 10 against the Arizona Cardinals. Still, he was dominant in his time on the field, hauling in 75 receptions for 812 yards and six touchdowns.

So, where does that land Kupp among the league’s best wideouts?

According to Pro Football Focus, Kupp earned a receiving grade of 88.1 this past season, good enough to be named the No. 7 receiver league-wide ...

“Before going down with a season-ending injury, Kupp was once again on his way to being one of the best receivers in football. He forced 13 missed tackles on just 75 receptions in his nine games.” - PFF’s Gordon McGuinness

Is it particularly fair that Kupp dropped from the best offensive player, let alone receiver, to No. 7 at his position in one season? Not particularly - but that’s merely the way that PFF graded things.”

NFL Rumors: 3 things to know about LA Rams new RB coach (ramblinfan)

“Tidbit III: His longevity is amazing

Imagine the value of hiring a Running Backs coach who has excelled at being a Running Backs coach for the past 32 years. Would you question his aspirations? Or would you conclude that this coach simply found a role that he loved to do and stuck with it? In the case of soon-to-be-hired LA Rams RB Coach Ron Gould, it’s more of the latter.

He has touched the lives of many NFL running backs who have come and gone, including former LA Rams RB C.J. Anderson, and Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch. This is not a coach who studies the NFL greats. Rather, he has coached the NFL greats in his career.

Ron Gould has benefited from NFL internships with a number of teams, including the: Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams.

Tidbit II: He has coached on West Coast for 30 years

Life on the West Coast is different than in other parts of the country. In some ways, it’s more casual and laid back. In other ways, it’s a bit off-the-grid, as the time zone and physical distances from the hotspots on the East Coast can create a bit of an eddy-behind-the-rock in terms of recognition and headlining news coverage.

Ron Gould has not just flourished on the West Coast, but as a successful NCAA coach he has been very successful in persuading some of the nation’s best and brightest football talents into playing there as well.

My philosophy as a coach is to create an environment where each and every young man can optimize their potential in the classroom, in the community, and on the field. We achieve this together through trust, accountability, structure, discipline, and hard work.” - Ron Gould as per his UC Davis head coach profile.

Tidbit I: He was touted as best RB coach in 2010, and he’s gotten better

In an August 27, 2010 article entitled “Is Ron Gould the Best Running Backs Coach in the Country?” - Bleacher Report writer Steven Resnick made a compelling case for Ron Gould to be considered the best RB coach. At the time, he was entering his 14th season as RB Coach for the California Golden Bears. His article covered all of the running backs he coached, including Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch and Detroit Lions Jahvid Best.

He would go on to coach two more seasons with California before assuming a head coaching role at UC Davis. Following that, he would return to the PAC-12 as a RB Coach for Stanford University. He would leave Stanford and hire on with San Diego State for several months before being tapped as the LA Rams new RB coach.”