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Rams top-15 plays of 2022: No 2, Jalen Ramsey ices game vs. Falcons

Jalen Ramsey mosses Bryan Edwards

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams 2022 season and performance by the team as a whole may not have electrified fans, but there is no dispute that there were still electrifying plays over the course of the 17 games. Despite the team playing with a losing record for the majority of the year and the lineup being devoid of starters, fans (or at least myself) witnessed signature moments for young and veteran players.

Sometimes we take for granted the moments in players careers or a franchise’s seasons. As a fan, you learn to appreciate the highs and lows. I thought it was fitting to compile a list of the top 15 plays to remember the best moments of the 2022 Rams.

Current list:

#15 - Tutu Atwell’s first NFL catch

#14 - Jalen Ramsey rocks Christian McCaffrey

#13 - Atwell burns Saints secondary for first NFL TD

#12 - Cobie Durant finds endzone against Broncos

#11 - Atwell makes one-handed grab

#10 - Ernest Jones makes aerobatic interception

#9 - Nick Scott seals win versus Panthers

#8 - Durant elevates to pick off Russell Wilson

#7 - Cooper Kupp kicks off 2022 season with toe drag TD

#6 - Ben Skowronek ‘mosses’ Raider, Nate Hobbs

#5 - Kupp leaves Cowboys secondary in the dust

#4 - Bobby Wagner outmuscles Tony Jones

#3 - Aaron Donald collects 100th career sack

One more defensive highlight for 2022…

#2 - Jalen Ramsey ices game against Falcons

After dominating 28-3 through the first 42 minutes of the game, the Rams found themselves on their heels in a similar situation to the divisional game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year. Multiple mistakes on special teams and offense allowed the Falcons to narrow the lead to 31-25 with just under five minutes left.

After a Cooper Kupp, the Falcons had the ball at the Rams 37 with 3:20. On 3rd & 13, Mariota attempted to find Bryan Edwards in the end zone but the athleticism of Jalen Ramsey prevailed. The all pro cornerback out jumped Edwards, reaching over top of him to pluck the football away from Edwards outstretched hands.

After a heart throbbing finish, the Rams were able to run out the majority of the clock and hold on for their first win of 2022 by a score of 31-27. Even though Ramsey was beat badly in Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills, he reminded the cameras and sideline the type of player he still is.

Whether a down year or not, it’s usually not wise to test Jalen Ramsey in triple coverage and with the game on the line...