My Houston Texans mock draft

Doing draft simulators as the Rams isn't much fun, because we don't have a 1st round pick. It is way more interesting to use a team that has one of the top picks. I went with the Texans, who hold the 2nd overall selection and have two of the top 12 overall selections. I used the PFN draft simulator.

After a series of trades, I ended up with a total of 7 first round picks in the 2024 draft. I didn't take one of the top 2023 QBs, but I figure that shouldn't be a big deal, because with 7 first rounders in my pocket, I'm thinking we could easily get the best QB in the 2024 draft or swing a trade for a veteran QB.

Due to trading down, I ended up making a total of 27 picks. I imagine several of these players won't even make the roster and will end up being completely wasted selections. Probably not a good idea to have 50% of your roster made up of rookies, but at least training camp will be fun.

I'm listing the players I got by their projected position and in parentheses I'm putting where Lance Zierlein has them ranked. Of the 25 position players I drafted, 23 of them were top 125 prospects. Slot 125 is in the 4th round, so if you take LZ's rankings literally, it would be as if I had 23 picks all in the first 4 rounds. Plus, the only 2 position players who didn't meet that threshold happen to be guys that I like and think are underrated. I drafted 5 players ranked in the top 32. There were 13 in the top 64. No, I didn't have 5 actual first round picks or 13 total picks in the first 2 rounds, just saying the overall value of the haul (at least on paper) is pretty good.

LT: Peter Skoronski (6)

LG: Cody Mauch (41)

C: Joe Tippmann (47)

RG: Anthony Bradford (99)

RT: Dawand Jones (58)

QB: Tommy DeVito (N/R)

TE: Dalton Kincaid (14); Luke Schoonmaker (51); Brenton Strange (90)

WR: Tyler Scott (48); Michael Wilson (153)

RB: Jahmyr Gibbs (40); Eric Gray (85); Mo Ibrahim (117)

DE: Will McDonald IV (25); Mike Morris (97)

DT: Calijah Kancey (29); Siaki Ika (53); Colby Wooden (123)

LB: Nick Herbig (98)

CB: DJ Turner (22); Terell Smith (60); Rejzohn Wright (69)

S: Ji'Ayir Brown (70); Jay Ward (106)

K: Jake Moody (top ranked K)

P: Michael Turk (tied for 2nd ranked P)

I'm at least 80% sure at least a couple of those guys will make the final roster. Plus, if they all flop, we still have plenty of draft capital in 2024 to do it all over again!