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Dolphins make Jalen Ramsey trade with Rams official, but accidentally list him as ‘S’

Miami’s social media team quickly deleted the tweet though

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams officially traded cornerback Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins on Wednesday, which comes as no surprise given that we’ve known about this deal since Sunday. What was more surprising is whether or not Miami’s social media team accidentally or purposefully called Ramsey a safety in the announcement tweet: I don’t know which would be worse.

It’s hard to really quantify why the Dolphins social media team—and make no mistake, I’m not referring to a Twitter account as “the team” but just one person who may have made an error—would have ever typed out an “S” next to Ramsey’s name. How did that person get there?

All we know is that the Dolphins social media team quickly deleted the tweet and re-posted the news with Ramsey listed as a cornerback.

My only question is, “How did someone affiliated with the team accidentally type an S instead of a CB?” given that Jalen Ramsey is arguably the most famous cornerback in the NFL today but at a time when certain people have openly wondered if his future is at safety.

Hundreds of people, including some current NFL players, went in on Chris Simms for saying that Ramsey could be a safety in the next phase of his career. What are they going to do then to dismantle the Miami Dolphins for doing the same thing?

Again, it’s not that people don’t make mistakes, including interns on social media teams. But tweeting out the announcement that Ramsey is a safety would be exactly like if a team traded for Lamar Jackson and then listed him as a “RB in the official announcement. It’s the same thing.

Whether or not someone on the team handed a sheet of paper to an intern and forgot to tell them to not officially list Ramsey as a “S” or if someone working his last day on the job decided to play a prank, certainly the question is now out there now.

But that’s an answer for the Dolphins to find. The Rams, officially, have now parted ways.