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Random Ramsdom: Did Rams trade Jalen Ramsey in order to boost the offense?

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 3/14/23

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams did not add anyone on the first day of free agency, but they did keep Michael Hoecht and lose Matt Gay. What else is news?

Rams 2023 free agency preview: Will David Edwards get another shot in LA? (ramswire)

“David Edwards is one of the many offensive linemen hitting free agency for the Los Angeles Rams this season. Unfortunately for Edwards, he’s becoming available after a challenging 2022 season in which he played just four games and missed time with two concussions.

He had issues in pass protection when he was healthy so he’s not entering free agency on a high note, but perhaps the Rams will give him another shot as a potential starter by giving him a one-year deal with play-time incentives.”

2022 stats

4 games

  • 10 pressures allowed
  • 3 sacks allowed
  • 1 penalty
  • 75.6 run-blocking grade
  • 27.8 pass-blocking grade

PFF grade: 58.2 overall


Edwards endured a difficult 2022 season in which he played just four games. He missed Week 4 with a concussion, returned in Week 5 and then suffered a second concussion, which landed him on the shelf for the remainder of the year.

When he was healthy, Edwards struggled much more than he did in 2021, particularly in the passing game. He gave up three sacks in just four games and allowed 10 pressures, far too many for a starting guard.”

Thank goodness LA Rams bringing back OLB Michael Hoecht (ramblinfan)

“Sometimes, even the flash of a firefly is enough to catch your attention on a dark moonless night, and that is the risk I face right now trying to applaud the LA Rams free agency extension of DL/OLB Michael Hoecht. Financially, this was a complete gimme, a move that was so logical that had the LA Rams front office not made a qualifying tender offer, it would have signified that the time has arrived to hit the panic button.

Thankfully, the LA Rams followed suit and made the appropriate Qualifying Tender Offer. That has the effect of securing DL/OLB Michael Hoecht for one more year, through the 2023 NFL Season. But more importantly, the extension ensures that the Rams roster will bring back the team’s more productive and remaining outside linebacker for a full season.”

49ers Strengthen Defensive Line, Rams Stay Quiet to Start Free Agency (ramsdigest/si)

“While the Los Angeles Rams have been quiet following Sunday’s trade of All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey, part of general manager Les Snead’s vision to “ remodel” the Rams’ roster instead of fully rebuilding.

But, so far, it seems the Rams are in the beginning stages of a rebuild rather than a quick reload. Los Angeles has discarded the contracts of veterans on big deals, trying to free up financial flexibility.

What have they done with that newfound flexibility?

Nothing so far, as it seems Los Angeles is content letting the free agent market play itself out before getting involved. This may not be a bad strategy, considering the Rams don’t have the cap space to go out and sign the big-name players available.

But... once the big names are off the board, it will allow the Rams to go into negotiations with a clear sense of what they will need to pay.”

Colin Cowherd thinks Jalen Ramsey trade is about Sean McVay pushing for more offensive help (yahoo!sports)

“On his show Monday, Cowherd said he believes this move was about Sean McVay wanting to prioritize the offense instead of the defense. And after threatening to retire in January, McVay was able to get more say in personnel decisions, Cowherd believes.

“This year, what did he get out of that threat? Control of personnel,” Cowherd said. “I was told, I said it on this show multiple times a month ago, McVay was going to move off defensive pieces. They were gonna spend a year getting much better offensive personnel.”

Despite Light Return, Trade of Jalen Ramsey Helps Rams (ramsdigest/si)

“After all, for a team looking to retool its roster and contend in the NFC again trading a player of Ramsey’s caliber certainly wouldn’t help in that regard.

However, when the news broke that Ramsey was being dealt to the Miami Dolphins, it was clear the Rams are acknowledging their need to obtain as much draft capital as they can.

While the package received is relatively light - a 2023 third-round pick (No. 77 overall) and third-year tight end Hunter Long, it benefits the Rams in two key ways. First and foremost, more draft capital is good.

The Rams don’t own their own first-round pick this year, so adding more selections in the later rounds will help add roster depth or potentially facilitate potential trade ups in the draft.

Besides that, though, the Rams trading Ramsey to his preferred destination, even if for a relatively light trade package, shows they’ll do right by their guys as best as they can.

That may not seem significant in the short-term, as losing a star corner is far from ideal, but in the long-term it shows players that are considering joining the Rams that the front office takes cares of them.”