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Beware of ‘lying season’ across the NFL

Latest Rams rumors are getting pretty unbelievable

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about the Los Angeles Rams in recent weeks, as they seem to follow the organization every year. Most recently:

“Rams are shopping Jalen Ramsey.”

“Rams are NOT shopping Jalen Ramsey.”

“Could this be Aaron Donald’s final season in LA?”

“LA is fielding calls for Matthew Stafford.”

I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t believe everything you hear. Let’s get into the most ridiculous Rams rumor yet which is how the team is looking into trading Matthew Stafford. In such an important upcoming campaign, why on earth would LA even consider this? Social media went ablaze once this rumor leaked.

When teams have a down year like the Rams did last season, other squads around the league will decide to pounce and check on a particular player’s availability. Would Sean McVay have decided to return in 2023 if he knew that Matthew Stafford wasn’t going to join him? Not to mention the severe cap ramifications should a trade occur, making it nearly impossible to pull off any deal until after June 1.

How many teams will have that kind of money left on their 2023 cap after June 1? (Probably none.)

This is just talk if LA isn’t doing the calling. Now say if other NFL insiders are reporting the same news, then there has to be truth to the rumor. Verifying information isn’t difficult if you know what to look for and can back it up accordingly. Although watching fans get into a panic over every little thing makes for quality entertainment. I might cancel all my streaming services just to watch this junk unfold.

It’s been all talk this offseason. Around this time of year, no one truly has an idea of what’s going on besides the teams themselves. Take the Lamar Jackson situation for instance. You’re really trying to tell me that all these organizations are out on him already? Give me a break. The NFL is a business. Teams will do whatever they can to throw others off their scent and acquire the players they want at a price tag that satisfies them.

Given it’s a few days before the start of free agency and a new league year, get used to everyone lying out their asses. You might not be able to trust the author of this very post. Spooky! Just kidding of course, I think you can totally trust me. I’ve been told I’m about as reliable as a Wikipedia page.

Try not to strain yourselves amidst all the crazy rumors flying around. Be careful of who you listen to and don’t fall don’t fall into too many rabbit holes while attempting to verify something. The biggest advice I can give fans at this time is rather simple:

DON’T TRUST ANYONE (unless they’re credible).