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Darius Slay trade request creates urgency for Rams to deal Jalen Ramsey

The clock is ticking for Les Snead to act first

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jalen Ramsey is no longer the only top veteran cornerback on the trade market and that means that L.A. Rams general manager Les Snead may not have much more time to find the best fit and offer. The Philadelphia Eagles have granted Darius Slay permission to seek a trade and that means that if general manager Howie Roseman can move him first, that’s one less team that will be in the market for Ramsey.

Every time I went to OvertheCap recently to check on Ramsey’s enormous 2023 cap hit, I saw that the only cornerback set to cost more was Slay and that made me skeptical that the Eagles would continue with him on that number. If Ramsey became too expensive for the Rams and wanted a new contract, then surely Darius Slay was in the same situation with the Eagles.

It is expected that the team that acquires Slay, just the same as the team that acquires Ramsey, will give him a new contract to bring down his $17 million (same for both) base salary. That also means new guaranteed money for Ramsey and Slay on their new teams.

Perhaps the fact that the team that makes the most sense for Ramsey—the Detroit Lions—not being in the market for Slay (since they were the ones who traded him to Philadelphia) won’t impact Snead’s final haul. But that’s just one guess and one team. If Roseman can deal Slay to the Carolina Panthers, for example, then that’s one team with multiple second round picks that won’t be trading for Ramsey.

Though Philadelphia’s intentions to put Slay on the market are know in the open, whereas L.A. hasn’t been as candid about Ramsey, virtually every comment from Snead, Kevin Demoff, and Ramsey is pointing in that direction.

With the NFL tampering window opening on Monday, the Rams will want to figure this out before teams can start talking to free agents.