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Could Melvin Gordon be a good ‘second chance’ signing for Rams?

Forever linked to Todd Gurley and L.A., Gordon was “humbled” by his 2022 season

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Melvin Gordon is at the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, that’s right, Melvin Gordon is on the Chiefs. Technically. After being released by the Denver Broncos midseason because of an embarrassing five fumbles on only 115 total touches, Gordon signed with Kansas City’s practice squad and he has yet to make it to the 53-man roster.

He is not going to be on it for the Super Bowl either. But Gordon is still fighting for another chance in the NFL and said this week that he is humbled of the experience of being on a practice squad at 29.

“I did nothing to get here, let’s be honest,” Gordon told Fernando Ramirez.

A 2015 first-round draft pick who made two Pro Bowls with the Chargers and then signed a free agent contract with the Broncos, Gordon now finds himself as just another practice squad player.

“I expected to be here in Denver right now,” he said. “I’m here with the Chiefs, ironically.”

Gordon said he is trying to look on the bright side, knowing that many football players would gladly trade places with him right now.

“This situation is not what I wanted, being on the practice squad. Never in a million years did I think I’d be here. But I’m here, I’m blessed,” Gordon said. “This is a humbling experience, it for sure is.”

As the 15th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Gordon was the second running back off of the board after the Rams chose Todd Gurley at 10. Following an insane 2,587-yard, 29-touchdown final season at Wisconsin, Gordon had ever opportunity to become one of the greatest Chargers running backs of all-time.

It never happened. Not even close, really. But Gordon had a few solid years and really didn’t have a fumbling issue in his prime with the Chargers.

Over his second, third, and fourth seasons, Gordon averaged 237 carries, 995 yards, nine touchdowns, and 4.2 yards per carry with San Diego/L.A. and he only fumbled four times on 862 touches. He also missed seven games with injury.

Over his first two seasons with the Broncos, from 2020-2021, Gordon totaled 1,904 yards and 17 rushing touchdowns in 31 games, but fumbled seven times. Then the wheels came off in 2022, but what didn’t go wrong for Denver last season?

Now coming on his age-30 season, it sounds like Gordon wants another chance to prove himself and the L.A. Rams could have an opening for a mentor and complement to Cam Akers. Gordon shouldn’t cost much more than the vet minimum, if anything, and he won’t be counted on as the starting running back although he has that experience if necessary.

It may be a little terrifying to pair two fumble-concerns together in the backfield, but one thing Gordon has never been is a bad teammate or unfocused player. He prepares hard, motivates well, and has scored a lot of touchdowns.

Melvin Gordon wasn’t the first running back taken in 2015 and he won’t be any team’s first running back on Sundays, but he might be a good buy low candidate for the Rams as they look to build more options around Matthew Stafford on the cheap.