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5 teams who could be interested in trading for Jalen Ramsey

If the Rams trade Jalen Ramsey, which teams could call the Rams

Syndication: Stevens Point Journal Tork Mason / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Los Angeles Rams looking to be getting closer to trading away Jalen Ramsey. According to recent reports, a move is “very likely” and with the NFL Combine happening next week, trade talks will certainly heat up among NFL circles.

As with all trades though, it takes two to tango. The Rams aren’t just going to trade away one of their defensive pillars for peanuts. It’s going to take the right trade package. Here are five teams that could be interested and could offer the Rams a fair deal.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles make the most sense in a potential trade for Jalen Ramsey. For starters, they have a need at cornerback. The Eagles got James Bradberry on a cheap deal last offseason after a stint that went poorly with the New York Giants. Darius Slay is in the final year of his contract, leaving a need for a top cornerback. A team that trades for Ramsey would only be responsible for $5.6M this season.

It’s worth noting that the Eagles are also one of few teams who could offer a quality package for Ramsey. They are one of four teams with multiple first round picks. The Eagles select at 10th and 30th overall. Howie Roseman isn’t afraid to wheel and deal, trading a first round pick for AJ Brown last year. Getting the 10th overall selection would allow the Rams to draft a replacement in Joey Porter Jr.

2. Detroit Lions

There’s an obvious connection here with the Detroit Lions because of Brad Holmes. However, this was a team that had one of the worst secondaries last season. Despite missing the postseason, the Lions are a team that are ready to win now. Ramsey expedites that process on the defensive side of the ball.

Additionally, the Lions are in the same boat as the Eagles with multiple first round picks. They hold the sixth and 18th overall selections. Obviously, the Rams would prefer to trade Ramsey for a top-10 selection to get an elite player in return. However, the 18th overall pick may be more realistic in this scenario.

3. Houston Texans

Sticking with the theme of teams with multiple first round picks, the Houston Texans are actually a team that makes some sense. They hold the second and 12th overall selections, but they also just hired DeMeco Ryans as they head coach who has coached against Jalen Ramsey for the past two seasons. It’s also worth noting that left tackle Laremy Tunsil wants a new deal. It’s one of a few options that a trade with the Texans offer.

The Texans are a sneaky team heading into next season. They have the opportunity to take a quarterback at number two and then they selected Derek Stingly Jr. inside the top-5 last season and also have young pieces like Jonathan Greenard and Jalen Pitre. This is a team looking for veteran leadership in the secondary and Ramsey adds that.

4. Los Angeles Chargers

Could the Rams ship Jalen Ramsey to the other side of SoFi? The Chargers are another AFC team that makes sense with the Brandon Staley connection. That’s a secondary that has Derwin James, Nassir Adderly, and other strong pieces. In an AFC West with good quarterbacks, a cornerback like Ramsey is a necessity.

The issue here is that the Chargers don’t select until the 21st overall pick. Ideally, the Rams would want more for Ramsey. There’s a connection here, but the Rams would likely explore other options first.

5. New England Patriots

Bill Belichick likes having an elite cornerback and that’s not something that his defense currently has. From Stephon Gilmore to Aqib Talib and Darrelle Revis, the Patriots have a history with Belichick and having an elite cornerback. All of his teams that have been good in the past have had that elite cornerback on the perimeter.

The question is, would Belichick make a trade for Jalen Ramsey? This type of move would be out of their typical M.O. However, they have spent big on the position in the past, signing Gilmore and Talib in free agency. The Patriots hold the 14th overall pick and may have a piece in edge rusher Joshua Uche that they could send over in a deal. This may not be a move that the Patriots make, but I wouldn’t count it out of the realm of possibilities.