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Why is Matthew Stafford so disrespected around the NFL?

Wasn’t the Rams’ QB’s Super Bowl win supposed to end this trashing?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

As someone who has paid attention to the 2023 NFL MVP odds, I only have a billion questions. One being how on earth is Matthew Stafford behind signal callers like Russell Wilson AND Kenny Pickett?

Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes aren’t a shock to be ahead of Stafford whatsoever but Wilson and Pickett?! C’mon man! I get Russ has Sean Payton now and everything should be magically fixed but still. Something feels off about this list and none of it should come as a surprise. The fact is that Matthew Stafford continues to be disrespected by fans and those in the media and I don’t understand why. If someone out there has a definitive answer, I’d sure like to hear it.

Slander on Stafford’s name is nothing new and it’s been that way ever since he was traded to the Rams. LA fans thought him winning a Super Bowl and tying a career-high in touchdown passes would grind the trash talk to a screeching halt. Yet after playing poorly prior to missing the final eight games of the “run it back” campaign, the crap on Matt parade has reared its ugly head once more.

While I tend to disagree with most of Colin Cowherd’s ramblings, I side with his inclusion of Matthew Stafford as a top-10 quarterback. I don’t agree with the order of his rankings, otherwise I give Mr. Cowherd points for effort. Disappointing season aside, some of these talking heads on social media have forgotten that Stafford has one of the strongest arms in the sport. His decision making can be quite spotty at times but refusing to acknowledge his overall abilities is a mistake.

Despite always being in Stafford’s corner, I’ve always found his Hall of Fame case to be a little ridiculous. Ridiculous as in winning one title that will automatically seal his legacy? That’s where I have to draw the line. After the Super Bowl last year, All-Pro corner Richard Sherman had this to say about his candidacy:

Honestly I don’t disagree with all his points. However, with all due respect to Sherman and I said with all due respect, there’s a reason Richard is short for “Dick”. I won’t ever fault Stafford for not being placed among the league’s elite since he played with the Lions for most of his career. Detroit might have their act together now but that doesn’t escape the fact that they were a poverty franchise while he played there. The guy was disrespected in all his 12 years in the Motor City and that’s what critics like Sherman look past.

Matt won a Super Bowl and proved he could win the biggest games after years of doubting he could ever reach the mountaintop. Besides, who should give a second thought to anything Richard Sherman says?

The only reason I would not put Stafford in the HOF now is because he still has much to prove. A ring helps his case as that’s the only thing the voters seem to care about anymore. I say give him a few more healthy seasons in McVay’s offense and see what happens from there. My point is not to put down LA’s QB1 over this argument but rather show why it fuels the naysayers so much.

Whatever negativity Matt attracted with the Lions has seemingly followed him to the Rams and it’s unfair. Guess that’s the price of playing for a perennial loser for most of his career. Stafford has a ways to go on his hall nod but he can control his narrative on how those around the league view him now. The media fixates on his mistakes while the true fans know the Rams have their guy moving forward.

The haters and oddsmakers can continue doubting Matthew Stafford all they want. It’ll only make his comeback season all the more satisfying. That is one Hollywood redemption arc I can get behind.